Rebecca peer support counselor

Rebecca with her daughter Lauren and adoptive mother Polly

My name is Rebecca and I chose adoption.

I was nineteen when I found out I was pregnant. I did not know I was going with adoption until I did a lot of self-reflecting. I asked myself if I could afford the necessities for my child, and if I’d be able to give the life I wanted to for my child. When my reality looked like I would not be able to do it, I looked into adoption.

Through Lifetime Adoption, I found my daughter a lovely adoptive family. I could not thank Lifetime enough times for matching me with such a beautiful family.

If you’re debating whether or not you want to choose adoption, I say you should ask yourself a few questions:

Have you accomplished what you wanted in your life yet?

Can you provide your baby with his or her basic needs?

Would you be in a good place to be able to take care of another individual?

In this video I share what brought me to adoption, how I chose my baby’s adoptive parents, and what open adoption means to me:

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