Former President & Mrs. Bush Encourage Adoption!

Former President encourages adoption with adoption law

Fmr. Pres. Bush with
a Lifetime Baby!

“The adoption of a boy or a girl is a moment of joy for a family, and it’s an act of great generosity. When parents share their homes and all they have with a child, the child they adopt and love as their own, all their lives are transformed forever.”
— President George W. Bush

The President and First Lady have promoted adoption and have passed adoption laws and legislation that encourages both families and states to pursue adoption, including providing increased funding and tax credits for those who do.

“For the sake of our children this nation has a responsibility to encourage adoption of children at all ages, from infants to adolescents.”
— Former President George W. Bush

Letter from an Adoptive Family:

President Bush with a Lifetime Baby

Our adoption happened so fast, and was such a beautiful experience, that it all seems like a dream.

Speaking of dreams, here’s a picture you may want to see. Our little Lindsay was held by someone very important recently (he was in a town near us, presenting his environmental program to the Nation).

Keep up the good work making miracles, ladies!

Love and thanks,
Jennifer, Scott and Lindsay

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