Paula’s Story

adoption story Paula took time to find a loving family through Lifetime

In September of 1997, I discovered I was pregnant, and facing the most difficult decision of my life. I grew up overnight with the realization of the life that grew inside of me.

I had to decide whether or not to parent my child. As a single woman, I found the realities of single parenthood to be unfair to my child. After many hours of prayer and soul-searching, I decided to make an adoption plan for my baby.

I took the time to research prospective families with Lifetime and found a family whom I truly loved. Together we finished my pregnancy, sharing the joys of the life growing inside me. I had chosen my baby’s mother to be my labor coach. She went to every doctor’s appointment with me and then we would go to lunch afterwards. During the time we spent together, we got to know one another very well and became good friends. I felt that it was important to have spent the time and effort to get to know my child’s parents.

On April 5th, I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. The time spent in the hospital was almost magical; together with my daughter’s parents, I was able to care for her. We spent two days in the hospital sharing with friends and family the beautiful child I had created. It was a time of love and laughter. Emotions ran high in those few hours, but the one most present was LOVE! Not only the love I felt from the family who was adopting my daughter, but the staff at Lifetime and the hospital staff around me.

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