Lifetime Adoption Availability During COVID-19

Lifetime Adoption remains 100% available for birth parents, hopeful adoptive parents, and anyone with questions about adoption. We care about you and are here for you!

With the announcement of a national public health emergency and the closure of schools, we are establishing new procedures to continue serving you, effective immediately. We are following CDC advice to protect Lifetime’s staff and our local communities. Meanwhile, we are still able to provide 24-hour help for birth parents and Lifetime’s matched adoptive families. We also maintain regular availability during office hours, by phone nationwide, for current adoptive parents in-waiting, as well as for anyone wanting to learn more about adoption.

COVID-19 Resources


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If you are pregnant or thinking about adoption, we’re here to help you anytime:

Call or Text at our 24-Hour Adoption Answer Line, 1-800-923-6784.

– Email us to learn more, or start your adoption plan by completing online forms.

– Learn about families waiting to adopt. View online parent profiles, or request digital or printed copies of profiles to be sent by email or mail.

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If you are a current Lifetime Adoptive Family:

– Your coordinator remains available by phone and by text, Monday through Friday.

– You may continue to email us through your Lifetime portal.

– We will temporarily increase the frequency of live webinar broadcasts, to keep you informed and updated.

– Your Lifetime Membership Site will remain an additional resource as you wait or prepare for your future match, and will also include updates and information regarding COVID-19, as needed.



If you want to learn about adopting a baby:

– Speak with an adoption coordinator, Monday-Friday, at 727-493-0933, about your questions.

– Complete our FREE online application to get started.

– Message us online or email with questions or to request more information about Lifetime’s adoption services.




If you are a hospital or pregnancy care worker, or an adoption attorney or legal professional:

– Please call our 24 Hour Help Line at 1-800-923-6784.

– We remain fully staffed and available 24/7 to provide adoption services and support.

Lifetime’s caring and confidential support remains committed to serving mothers and adoptive parents through this critical time as a country. We are here for you through COVID-19, and beyond.






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