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State We Live in: Texas
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: Yes
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: African American/Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American
Sibling Group: Yes
With oldest up to 2 years old
Open to Twins: Yes

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A BIG hello from sunny Texas! We are a couple who enjoys traveling for ministry and for fun, hanging out with our friends and family, and grabbing a great coffee along the way.

We’ve been happily married for 5 years now and can’t wait to grow our family and bring a child into this life that we love. Our daily life is full of ministry and activities to and for kids, so we can’t wait to be able to continue forward as a family.

About Us

We met 17 years ago while serving as missionaries based in Australia. While the first part of our relationship was just as co-leaders training young adults in counseling skills and taking them overseas for ministry, we eventually realized the Lord was leading us into a life of ministry as a couple, and we’ve been doing that ever since. We both love traveling and caring for people throughout the world.

We work as local directors of an international children’s ministry that’s focused on giving value to young people, and also training Christian kids to reach out to those around them. Working together as a couple is one of our favorite things as it allows us to spend lots of time together while doing the things we love. This ministry position also makes it easy to bring a baby into our family. Amy will be able to continue in her role while maintaining the flexibility needed to be a full-time caretaker, while Adrian will be able to maintain his role and spend plenty of time with our family.

As we have been walking through infertility, we strongly believe we are called to adoption. Adrian has an adopted brother, so we’ve seen up close the joy that comes through growing our family this way. We look forward to bringing our child into a home full of family time as well as a strong community of friends.

About Amy

Adrian says: Amy is incredibly insightful and loyal. As a gifted counselor, she is able to listen with both her head and her heart, offering a safe place to those who are struggling and need encouragement. Amy’s priority is her people. She brings joy and laughter, deep conversation, and makes sure everyone around her feels cared for and honored. As a person who loves music and musicals, it is common for Amy to randomly burst into song, narrating our lives in chorus! She sees beauty in family traditions and enjoys making them special year after year for her family, especially around Christmas.

Amy is so excited to include our child in her everyday life, especially in getting to play with all of our friends’ children. She also looks forward to teaching our child to sing, play an instrument and just enjoy varieties of music.

Amy enjoys:

  • hot coffee in cozy pajamas on a comfy couch
  • a delicious brunch too late for brunch time
  • spending time with our dog, Hala
  • singing on the church worship team
  • movie nights
  • spending time with friends and their kids

About Adrian

Amy says: Adrian is loyal, gentle, hardworking and lots of fun! People, especially kids, love being around him because he is so good at paying attention to people and loving them well. He’s a man who can see the needs of the people around him and wants to help, even if it might inconvenience him a bit. I love the way he selflessly relates to our families and our friends and brings lots of joy into every environment. Even though he carries his responsibilities at home and work so well, he brings a light-heartedness to it all that everyone around him can enjoy.

Adrian is looking forward to experiencing life with our child, playing sports together, traveling, introducing our child to his large family and all our child’s cousins, and enjoying relationship with his friends and their kids.

Adrian enjoys: 

  • watching or playing sports with people he loves
  • movie nights
  • doing practical projects around the house or at work
  • playing video or board games
  • spending time with his friends and family

Family Life

We have the privilege of living in a house with Amy’s sister, Kaitlin, and directly next door to Amy’s mom, Jill. Although Amy’s brother lives out of state, he is excited that we’re welcoming a baby into our home. We love that we’re able to live so close together with some of her family and do daily life with one another. As a family we love having dinner together each night, doing projects together on the weekends, celebrating birthdays (alongside our close group of friends), going to church together, playing with our dogs, and making and eating amazing food.

We are not as physically near to Adrian’s family, who are mostly in the northeastern states, but we are still very close with them. We usually get together with his parents and five siblings (and their families) at least once a year to reconnect and spend time together. As they’re all quite adventurous, our favorite things to do with them are hiking, playing board games, fishing for crayfish in a family creek and exploring new ice cream shops!

Both of our families are more than excited that we’ll be adding our baby to our already large extended family.


Our Home in Texas

We live in a city in west Texas. Our neighborhood is close to parks, stores, our church and many other activities, while still being set back from main roads enough to really enjoy our space. One of our favorite parts about where we live is that it’s within only a couple minutes’ drive of all of our closest friends and their children, so our children will get to have lots of playdates.

Our single level home has 4 bedrooms and a small loft area. We love that our living room, kitchen and dining areas are all an open plan so we can be with each other and relate while cooking or hanging out. Our backyard is quite spacious, especially for being in a city, with lots of room to run and play. We look forward to adding some playsets as our baby grows.

We also have a small dog named Hala and Amy’s sister’s Aussiedoodle named Luna that live in our home. They are so good at making our home full of play and lots of snuggles.

Our Promise

Thank you for learning about us, and the love and home we’d like to share with your child. We promise that he or she will always know how much they are loved and wanted. Our heart as parents is to provide a home where your child is safe, known and valued for all that they are! We are committed to help your child grow in his or her gifts and abilities and guide them as they walk through the challenges of life. We are committed to lead them as they grow in faith, friendships, hard work and the passions they choose to follow. Your child will always know how much we value you!

We promise to:

  • Be open with your child when they have questions about you or adoption
  • Be an example of character and integrity as we train them in these things
  • Model loving and honoring relationships with each other and those around us
  • Encourage him or her as they grow, in both their challenges and victories
  • Provide a home full of family and close community
  • Give him or her opportunities to find their talents and grow in them
  • Teach them about the world around them and how to see the beauty of all nations, ethnicities and peoples as God does
  • Honor our commitment to open adoption as we make decisions with you

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

More About Adrian

Education: Certification in Christian Ministry and Leadership
Profession: Children's Ministry Director
Stay-At-Home: Yes, I often work from home and plan to have family as a part of ministry
Racial Background: Caucasian

His Favorites:

Place traveled: Australia
Food type: Thai Green Curry
Thing to do at home: Watch my sports teams
Date activity: Go out to eat or for coffee
Animated movie: Toy Story
Superhero: Professor X
Aussie animal: Honey Badger

More About Amy

Education: Certification in Christian Ministry and Leadership
Profession: Children's Ministry Director
Stay-At-Home: Yes, I have complete flexibility for parenting and being in ministry as possible
Racial Background: Caucasian

Her Favorites:

Place traveled: Australia or Greece
Food type: Vietnamese Pho
Thing to do at home: Play with our dog, Hala
Date activity: Finding new food places to try
Animated movie: Emperor's New Groove
Superhero: Batman
Aussie animal: Quokka

More About Our Family

What Inspires Us

Both of us have a passion for loving people the way that Jesus loves them. That doesn’t just include people nearby, but also people really far away. We’ve been honored to work as Christian missionaries for the last twenty years and have visited a combined 36 countries in order to show people across the globe the love of God. We’ve seen that God has created people with incredible value, gifts, abilities, passions and cultures that sometimes are squashed because of hurt or difficult situations that happen in life. So, we love to go visit with people all around the world, listen to them share about their lives, and see how God might use us to bring healing and joy into their hearts! We desire to be people that are good listeners, trustworthy, kind and hospitable so that people feel safe with us. Even as we work with our local kids’ ministry, we long for each young person we meet to feel seen and loved by us!

Our Favorite Family Traditions

•Christmas things galore: driving and looking at Christmas lights, Christmas Eve candlelight service at church, parties with friends and family, exchanging gifts, making apple cider and special Christmas meals, watching as many classic Christmas movies as we can, and getting an ornament that represents our year.
•Birthdays: Each birthday person gets to choose their favorite meal for a birthday dinner, and a party with a dessert they love.
•Dinner: We eat together as a family every night and ask each other about our days.
•Fourth of July: We love going to a park for a picnic with friends and watch the fireworks light up the sky.
•Saturdays: Our goal is to relax, stay in comfy clothes, and enjoy time together. We like to make the most of our down time.

Who Does it Best...

Who is the best driver? Adrian
Who is the best organizer? Amy
Who is the best athlete? Adrian
Who is best at falling asleep? Adrian
Who is best at staying asleep? Amy
Who is the best dancer? Amy
Who is the best at socializing? Adrian
Who is best at staying up late? Amy
Who is best at collecting shoes? Adrian
Who is best at doing voices while reading aloud? Amy
Who is best at being outdoorsy? Adrian
Who is best at remembering things? Amy
Who is best at babying the dogs? Adrian

Favorite Childhood Memory

Adrian: Since my grandparents lived next door to the house I grew up in, my twin brother and I loved being with them, sometimes for a meal or even just to go over and play. My grandma had a special drawer she kept full of candy and my twin brother and I would always ask in unison, “Can we have some candy, please?” Of course she would say yes!

Amy: My grandparents owned a beautiful cabin in a small mountain town near us. I loved going there for short little vacations with my parents and brother and sister. We would hike, find beautiful flowers and plants, and try to find any wild animals to spy on. It was such a special time for us to enjoy nature, relax, and just be together and have fun with each other!

In Closing

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and considering us for your child. We are both so excited to start our family through adoption and ready to pour our hearts of love on our child, walking alongside them as they grow! Learning about our child's unique personality, gifts and passions will be an exciting journey for us, and we can't wait to experience it. We look forward to surrounding our child with a loving, faith-filled family and strong community, and look forward to including you in that adventure. We would love to get to know you and your desires for connection in a way that is comfortable to you. We'd love to chat!

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