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State We Live in: Missouri
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months, 1 and 2 Years
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Any Race, African American, African American/Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American
Sibling Group: Yes
We're open to adopting siblings up to 2 years old.
Open to Twins: Yes

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Hi! We live in a small town on a beautiful private lake in Missouri. We love the outdoors, and are very active as a family. We have two happy boys and coming from large families, we are all excited to grow our family through adoption. Hiking, dirt biking, riding horses, and volunteering are just some of the things we enjoy sharing with our children. We value family, faith, experiences, and education and would be honored to provide your child with a stable, loving home life and opportunities to pursue his or her dreams.

It would be great to get to know you more through this process and sharing a lifelong connection, if you’re comfortable.

About Us

How we met, according to Cheyenne: Living in a small town, we knew of each other, but didn’t really meet until I worked at the local auto parts store during college. Andy came in often and we became good friends. Now we’ve been together more than 10 years, and happily married for 6!

We’ve been hoping to adopt, and even planning for it, since before we were married. We are confident that God has led us to this moment in our family’s story. The most important thing to us is sharing God’s love with others. As a family we value integrity, hard work, kindness and continual learning for personal growth.

What we enjoy: (Basically anything outdoors is where you’ll find us!)
• Riding horses, dirt biking, hiking, traveling and all things sports. (We would love to hike different places across the US with our kids!)
• Time on the family farm, feeding the animals, doing chores with our extended families and just being with each other.
• Helping our community through church & volunteer work.

About Cheyenne

I work from home with lots of flexibility to be with our kids. I have a biology degree and thought I’d work in wildlife, but then I got into the insurance field and I love it!

According to Andy: Cheyenne is smart, loving, compassionate, driven, and hardworking. She always has time for her family too! As a mom, Cheyenne is nurturing, protective, caring, and always ready for fun! She’s a devoted wife, mom, and friend, showing our boys how to be good neighbors and the joy of serving others.

Cheyenne likes:
• Riding horses
• Hiking and fitness
• Bow hunting
• Riding UTVs
• Sports
• Playing on the farm

About Andy

I own an auto shop and am the main technician for transmission repair. I also like to mentor or educate kids about what I know of working on cars. I hope to pass down what I’ve learned about the value of honest work.

According to Cheyenne: Andy is the most hardworking and generous man. He has a wonderful sense of humor (there is always laughter in our home!), and is such a kid at heart. Andy loves to make up stories for the boys, swing on vines across creeks on the farm, and will play any game the kids want to play. I’m so proud of the business he’s created too. Andy is an amazing father, full devoted to his family, and to God.

Andy likes:
• Off-roading
• Riding dirt bikes
• Outdoor adventures
• Growing his business
• Helping others, such as mowing a neighbor’s yard or helping fix a car

Our Children & Family

Our Boys: We have two sons and love being parents! Beckett is 4 years old and has such a great imagination. He loves to be a big helper, has a huge heart, and loves making people laugh. Murphy is 2 years old, always smiling, and such a happy boy. He has a big personality and wants to do everything his big brother does. The boys are great brothers to each other and excited about having another sibling in the family.

We are always laughing or looking for places to explore together. If it’s not raining, we’re usually outside!

Extended Family: We have a large, close-knit extended family who is always there for us. Andy has two sisters and is the middle child. Cheyenne has 6 older brothers! Most of our family lives in this area, and our parents still live on the farms where we grew up (the farms are actually close to each other). Cheyenne’s brother runs a cattle ranch, handed down from their grandparents. We have a lot of history here, and we love raising our children with so much family nearby. Since everyone is local, there is always a ballgame or school event to attend.

Our Home in Missouri

We live in a small college town where we’ve grown up our whole lives. Because of Andy’s business, we have a great relationship with our community. We live close enough to the big cities, and love that we live far enough away to have our farm land. Our home has 4 bedrooms and is on a cul-de-sac, right next to a private lake. We love to spend time on our deck, out on the dock, or on the lake with the water toys. Our property is surrounded by the woods, which means we can explore and hike, and watch deer in our backyard.

Our Promise

We believe in helping our children to love others, to learn through experiences and education, and to hold tight to family. We are committed to raising our children to know the love of Jesus, to encourage them to give their best, and to value honesty and strong work ethic. We promise your child will always have what he or she needs to thrive, and we will give everything we can to make the very best life for each of our children.

We believe open adoption would be a gift, and if you’re okay with it, we would love to get to know you and keep in touch. We are open to sharing a relationship with you and would happily keep in touch. We are praying for you, and will always keep you in our hearts. Your child will grow up knowing how special you are to us, as a part of our family’s story.

Thank you for considering our family! To talk with us or learn more, call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

With love, Andy & Cheyenne

More About Andy

Education: Some College
Profession: Owns an auto transmission shop
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

His Favorites:

Food: Pizza
Animal: Monkey
Place I've traveled...: St. Croix, US Virgin Island
Hobby: Dirt bike riding
Music Genre: Country
Sport: Track & field
Holiday: Thanksgiving

More About Cheyenne

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Biology
Profession: Insurance claims team manager
Stay-At-Home: No, but I work from home
Racial Background: Caucasian

Her Favorites:

Food: Italian
Animal: Horse
Place I've traveled...: Sequoia National Park and Yosemite
Hobby: Horseback riding
Music Genre: Country
Sport: Football
Holiday: Independence Day

More About Our Family

Fun Facts About Us

• We both work in car-related fields! Andy owns and operates a successful auto repair shop and Cheyenne is a leader in an auto insurance company. We also both enjoy volunteering with different organizations that help children in need.

• Cheyenne loves to sing and comes from a very musical family (her brothers play instruments, and her dad had a southern rock band!). She also LOVES animals and would love to have all kinds of animals on our farm one day.

• Andy has many talents, is always a part of the fun, and is truly and genuinely joyful 99% of the time.

Family Traditions

• Birthday dinners at Mamaw’s farm (Cheyenne’s mom). Birthdays are a big deal with us!
• Card and board games after family dinners
• HUGE family reunions
• Christmas Eve at Nana’s (Andy’s mom) playing games
• Trail rides with the horses and camping

Pets & Farm Life

Our family dog, Reba, is an active Australian Cattle Dog. We also have two horses, Amigo and Covenant Girl. At the grandparents’ farms we have dogs, cats, cows, horses, and chickens!

Favorite things about where we live

We love our small hometown, living close to our family, raising our boys around farm life and lots of animals, and SO many fun things to do outside together.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us! We would love to talk with you about any of your questions, or to find out what kind of adoption you have in mind. Adoption has always been on our hearts and we're excited to add a child to our family this way. Contact Lifetime to set up a call or message with us! We look forward to getting to know you.

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