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State We Live in: Texas
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: Yes
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months, 1 and 2 Years
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American
Sibling Group: Yes
Up to 2 years old
Open to Twins: Yes

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Hi from Texas! We’re a fun, outgoing couple who love hosting big parties and get-togethers with family. Traveling is a favorite for us too. We’ve always dreamed of raising a big family and sharing our lives with a house full of children. It’s exciting to be growing our family through adoption! We hope to get to know you and the hopes you have for your child’s future. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents.

Our Story

We met each other through a mutual friend and have now been happily married for 10 years. After all these years, we pretty much enjoy anything we do together!

We love being parents! Raising a son with autism has taught us a lot about finding the good in all things, working together as a mom and dad, and celebrating life together. Facing challenges together has given us even more love and strength as a couple, and grew our hearts for helping others in times of need. We’re ready and excited to add another child to our happy little family. We’d be honored to share everything we have with your child!

We really like to:
• Cook! Casey grills and Teri does the sides and desserts (oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are a staple in our home!).
• Travel! We enjoy exploring beachy and outdoor places, and especially love Disney vacations.
• Volunteer! We started an autism foundation to bring awareness and support to our community, for families like ours. We also love to help at the annual backpack drive our church does for back-to-school.

About Teri

Being a stay-at-home mom is my favorite job! I also work part-time as a VP of Sales, for a company I’ve been with for many years. They are like family to me and support flexible hours so I can be there for my children.

What Casey Loves About Teri: Teri is a caring and attentive mother. She is always helping others and putting other ’s needs in front of her own. I appreciate the home she has worked so hard to create for our family. She is an amazing mother and role model.

Teri enjoys:
• Making crafts with Cason
• Baking
• Planning (the best!) parties
• Swimming
• Brunch with friends

About Casey

I own a construction and roofing company. Working with my team and helping others is the best part of my job, plus as a business owner, I’m able to have a lot of time with my family.

What Teri Loves About Casey: Casey makes life fun and fills every moment of our life together with love and laughter. He is great at reminding me that life is short and to not sweat the small stuff. Casey is a very active father who passes on his love for the outdoors with fun activities our son can enjoy with him.

Casey enjoys:
• Fishing and hunting
• Building Legos or taking rides in our UTV with Cason
• Grilling
• Hiking and riding bikes
• Playing sports or games

Family Life

Our son, Cason, is very excited to be a big brother! He is 9 years old and loves to read books, go bowling, play Nintendo Switch, and jump on the trampoline. His favorite thing to do swim and fish at his grandparents’ house.

Extended Family: We both come from big families. Teri’s brother and parents live next door to each other, just 15 minutes from us. Casey’s mom and bonus-father live within an hour of us. We love to go to our niece’s cheer events or FFA showings, and our families enjoy coming to watch Cason horseback ride. We also have family living in other parts of Texas, and Casey’s family owns a B&B in Alabama, so we love to travel to see everyone and play with all the cousins on the beach.

We have a tight-knit friends group that we get together with a few times a month for grilling and games. Many have children so it’s always a fun time!

Our Home in Texas

We have a four bedroom house in southeast Texas. Our favorite thing about our home is our game room and backyard, and we’ve already started putting a nursery together. Our neighborhood is a hidden gem tucked away in a quaint suburban area. We live near many local restaurants, shopping centers, parks, and walking trails. We love going to the city zoo and waterpark!

We love evening walks or relaxing on our patio, playing games together, and watching Cason play on the swing set. Every year we visit our family cabin in Colorado, to hunt and hike. It’s our home away from home!

Our Promise

Your child will always know how special they are because of all the people they have in their life supporting them all along the way. They will never doubt how unconditionally loved they are!

We can’t wait to teach your child to bake, fish, and experience the world through travel. He or she will get to experience all life has to offer and enjoy being a kid. Education is important to us and we promise to encourage your child to grow their strengths and we’ll support their hopes and goals along the way.

You will always hold a special place in our family. We will honor your place in your
child’s life. If you’d like, we welcome contact with you, sharing updates and visits
throughout your child’s life. To talk with us just ask Lifetime! Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

All our love, Casey & Teri

More About Casey

Education: High School
Profession: Owner of a Construction Service Business
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

His Favorites:

Food: Mexican
Movie: Any comedy movie, like Beverly Hills Copy or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Color: Green and Blue
Music: Country
Hobbies: Anything outdoors!
Outdoor Activity: Hunting or fishing
Place to travel: Bahamas

More About Teri

Education: Some College
Profession: Vice President Sales
Stay-At-Home: Part time
Racial Background: Caucasian

Her Favorites:

Food: Dessert, especially Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies or anything red velvet
Movie: Cheesy love stories or scary movies
Color: Pink!
Music: Country and Hip Hop
Hobbies: Cooking, baking, shopping, & decorating
Outdoor Activity: Swimming or being by the pool
Place to travel: Bahamas

More About Our Family

Our Values

• We believe all people are created equally. We will raise your child to treat all people with kindness and respect.
• It is important to us to live a happy and healthy life. We try to enjoy all the adventures life has to offer.
• We care about providing a stable, loving home for our children. We will provide an environment where your child feels free to become who God made him or her to be!

Fun Facts

Casey: I love to bowl, and play ping pong, pool, or darts (My wife says I always win at any game!), I also like to research, so I know a lot about random things.

Teri: I am known for having little dishes filled with candy year-round. (I love a late-night snack with my reality TV shows!)

Cason: Our favorite thing to do as a family is to jump on our trampoline together.

Family: Adoption is already a part of our extended family! We also LOVE having themed parties to celebrate birthdays and special get-togethers.

Favorite Family Traditions

• Sunday morning breakfasts at home
• Family Halloween costumes
• Birthday mornings with a candle in a breakfast Honeybun
• Family cousins trip for Spring Break
• Family-and-friends Easter egg hunts
• Big Fourth of July parties
• Christmas Eve sleep-overs with family, baking cookies for Santa (who leaves footprints and notes for the kids on Christmas morning).
• Annual trip to our family’s cabin in Colorado

Friends say we are...

Kind, fun, family-oriented, easy-to-trust, supportive, funny, hardworking, dedicated, and positive.

In Closing

Thank you for learning more about our family! We hope to get to know you and to hear about the hopes you have for your child's future. If you'd like to talk or do a video call, we'd be honored to connect. We would love to give your child a devoted and loving family, and to share updates with you as your child grows up.

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