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State We Live in: Hawaii
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Any Race, African American, African American/Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American
Sibling Group: Yes
Oldest up to 6 years old.
Open to Twins: Yes

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Aloha! We are Brittney and Dan. We live in Hawaii and enjoy spending time swimming, hiking, playing games, traveling, and being with family and friends. We both work in elementary education and love what we do! We also regularly attend and serve at a Christian church in our community. We would love to welcome your child of any race or gender into our lives and are open to visits.



About Us

We met on a college summer project in Maine where we spent a lot of time hiking, white water rafting, and kayaking together. We’ve now been married for 11 years! Just before our 1st anniversary Dan had to go through treatment that impacted our ability to have biological children. We are excited to create our family through adoption.

We enjoy playing games- both inside and out! Corn Hole and Disc Golf are two of our favorite outside games and Skyjo, Ticket to Ride, and Tumbling Dice are some of our favorites for inside! We are both Christians and attend church regularly and are active members by cleaning our church weekly, and attending/ hosting bible study events. We also serve in the AV ministry together once a month. We look forward to attending church as a family, attending family/kid events, and sharing our passion for games with your child as they grow!

Our Home in gorgeous Hawaii

We bought our 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom home just a few years ago and love that it has a good-sized yard. We’re located close to Brittney’s parents’ home and enjoy visiting them and their pool.  We try to enjoy where we live as much as possible by going to the beach, hiking and walking.

We have the most incredible neighbors who have become like family. We have potlucks, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and frequent times for all the kids on the street to have impromptu playdates. Our favorite neighbor event is one we host, painting Christmas Ornaments! We look forward to our child being a part of these get-togethers and that they’ll have many other aunties and uncles looking after and loving on them!

Meet Dan

Dan is such an incredible man. He is humble, smart, dependable and so talented! Dan has recently gotten into woodworking and has created large decorations for our home- both inside and out. He made our gorgeous entertainment center! He also really enjoys following and cheering for his Buffalo sports teams and is constantly stopped by people when we’re out to chat about the Bills.

Dan is an elementary school PE teacher and our students would agree with me that he is THE BEST! Dan has an amazing ability to connect with kids and they adore him. He is so fun, silly, patient, and knowledgeable. Even after students move on to our upper-grade PE teacher they often stop Dan in the halls and say they miss him!

He’ll be a wonderful dad and has so much love and energy to pour into our child. I know he’s looking forward to playing games together, teaching them how to use tools and build things, reading them stories, and telling them jokes all while supporting them.

Meet Brittney

Brittney is an amazing woman. She is caring, intelligent, and funny and whatever she puts her hands on she can accomplish.  She’s gotten into baking recently, is very artistic, and loves to decorate her classroom, our house, our yard, and even our church.  Her students and their parents love how organized, welcoming, and fun her classroom looks- our friends and neighbors say the same about our home!

Brittney is a kindergarten teacher and treats her students as if they are her own.  She works on connecting with each of her students, every year.  Students from previous years still come to see her, say hi and give her hugs.

Brittney will be an amazing mom and provide our child with a solid educational foundation. She knows what is expected and the steps needed to continue one’s growth and learning with each milestone. She loves reading children’s books and I know she is looking forward to having a Mo Willems themed nursery for our baby and ALL of his books (and many others).

Our Family

We have a large family spread out over the country including Texas, New York, and Minnesota. We usually visit each once a year, sometimes more as life events occur. We intend to continue these visits with our child. We also have family visit us in Hawaii throughout the year as well.

Our families are thrilled that we are adopting! Brittney’s brother is looking forward to being the favorite “funcle” while her sister’s excited for her kids to have a cousin. Dan’s siblings are also thrilled for their children to have another cousin and our parents are over the moon excited. Brittney’s mom and stepdad, who live in Hawaii with us, are so excited to spend LOTS of time with our child! Dan’s parents and Brittney’s dad and stepmom are so excited to visit once baby arrives!


Our Promise

We Promise:

-To raise your child knowing they are loved and cherished by so many, including you.

-Ensure your child has all the tools needed to develop their own relationship with Jesus as their Savior.

-Provide for their education needs through schooling and travel whenever possible.

-Support your child to develop skills in things that interest them (sports, music, dance, etc.)

-Work with you to maintain communication that we are all comfortable with.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

More About Daniel

Education: Masters of Science in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science
Profession: PE Teacher
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

His Favorites:

Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Game: Ticket to Ride
Movie: The Lord of the Rings
Sport: Hockey
Color: Macaroni and Cheese
Dessert: Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Music Artist: Demon Hunter

More About Brittney

Education: Bachelors in Education
Profession: Elementary School Teacher
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

Her Favorites:

Food: Fajitas
Game: Skyjo
Movie: Pride and Prejudice
Sport: Football
Color: Fuchsia
Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie
Music Artist: Matt Maher

More About Our Family

Our Families

We have family in Texas, New York, and Minnesota. We try to visit some or all of these places once a year. We intend to continue this with our child. We also have family and friends come to visit us. When they come we usually enjoy going on boat or ATV tours on the island.

Family Traditions and Games

We both love Christmas! Every year we pick at least one new ornament for our Christmas tree that means something to us. For example, since we met in Maine we have a lighthouse ornament. We love the memories this creates and makes our tree so special. We can't wait to add ornaments that are made or chosen by our child!

We are looking forward to adding more games geared for kids to our collection including Guess Who, Candyland, and Ticket to Ride Junior once baby arrives. It'll be so much fun to share our passion for games with them and make playing a family tradition.

Our Special Interests

We are excited to have family game nights! We both really like to play games and look forward to adding more kid friendly games to our home collection. We like that games help create an atmosphere to get to know, have fun and spend time with one another as well as any company that comes over.

In Closing

Mahalo for your time and consideration. We look forward to creating memories and living life with your child. We can't wait to spend time with them reading books, cooking, playing games, being outside, pursuing their interests, and attending church. We would love to share with you more about ourselves and learn more about you. We'd love to keep in touch with you through letters pictures and visits at your comfort level.

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