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Josh & Brenna

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State We Live in: Colorado
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: Yes
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Any Race, African American, African American/Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American

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Hello! We are Josh and Brenna from colorful Colorado and we are excited to grow our family through adoption. We love spending time in the mountains hiking, reading by alpine rivers, camping, and playing with our dog. We look forward to sharing these traditions with our future child.

When we got married, we promised each other we would build a safe and loving home for our children to grow up in, much like our own families did for us. We hope to get to know you and be that safe and loving home for your child.

About Us

We have been married for 10 years now, and we love being together. We met through a mutual friend at the end of Brenna’s senior year in college, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We enjoy taking our husky, Lucah, on walks together, reading, hiking and camping in the mountains, and making home-cooked meals. Ever since we got married, we have been looking forward to sharing our passions and hobbies with our child.

Both of us have always wanted to have children. When we learned that we could not have children biologically, we felt God guiding us to adoption. We have never been more excited to grow our family than we are now through adoption!

About Brenna (by Josh)

Brenna is a kind, loving, caring wife and person. She is an avid reader and book collector, and loves taking time to read together with family and friends. To her, there is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book at home. She grew up in a Christian home, and her father was the pastor at her church. After college she started out as an elementary school teacher, but has always wanted to be a stay-at-home mother. God is the center of her life, and she wants to share the love of Jesus with her child. She finds joy through showering loved ones with gifts and sharing family traditions around the holidays.

About Josh (by Brenna)

Josh is a loving husband and a loyal friend. He loves joking around and being playful. He would probably spend all of his time in the mountains if he could. He loves hiking and camping, and never forgets to take his camera with him to take beautiful photos of those adventures. When he can’t be in the mountains, he loves spending time at home with me and our dog. He loves cooking for his family and friends whenever he gets the chance, trying new recipes and making extravagant meals. He’s always loved food, which is why he went to college for food science. He now runs a food manufacturing plant as the Plant Manager, which has given us many opportunities as a family. Josh has always been family-oriented and looks forward to sharing all his love and joy with his future child.

Our Family

Both of us come from close-knit families that love to spend as much time together around the holidays as possible. Josh comes from a large extended family that all remain close, including 9 cousins, many of which are beginning families of their own. The whole family is eagerly awaiting a little one, especially Josh’s parents and his younger sister who can’t wait to shower our child with love and support. The whole family gets together at Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate together, always filling a house with so much love and laughter!

Brenna comes from a smaller extended family, but they are also close. We love visiting each other and spending holidays together. Brenna had summer vacations with her parents and brother almost every year and often another summer vacation with her mother’s extended family. We hope to continue these family vacations and holiday traditions with our child as well. Brenna’s parents look forward to having more grandchildren, her brother looks forward to becoming an uncle, and our nieces are excited to have some new cousins.

Our Home In Colorado

We live in a spacious yet cozy 4-bedroom home with a great yard for children to play under beautiful evergreen trees. Our neighborhood is quiet and safe, with several schools and parks within walking distance. Our dog loves walking the neighborhood with us and greeting other families that are out and about. We are a short drive from state and national parks, and it’s common for us to take a picnic or our books up into the mountains and relax on the weekends. Our home is the destination spot in the family, and we love having them come to visit. On summer nights, we enjoy grilling and sitting on the back patio for dinner.

Our Promise

We promise to love your child completely and unconditionally. We promise to always be nurturing and patient, and to provide a stable home for your child to grow up. We will provide them with the best educational opportunities, and encourage them to pursue their dreams. We promise to teach your child to be kind and respectful, and teach them about God’s love for them. They’ll be with us when we go into the mountains hiking, camping, fishing and picnicking together, and also when we spend our summers together in our backyard grilling, and playing games.

We promise to tell your child about you and will always honor you. You will be an important part of our family’s story, and we are open to visiting and sharing letters and photos with you.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

More About Josh

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Food Science
Profession: Plant Manager
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: White

His Favorites:

Hobby: Landscape photography
Book: The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R Tolkien
Sport: Baseball
Childhood memory: 10-day backpacking trip with my dad in New Mexico
Food: Fried chicken with garlic mashed potatoes
Place I've visited: Prince William Sound, Alaska
TV Show: Band of Brothers

More About Brenna

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
Profession: Homemaker
Stay-At-Home: Yes
Racial Background: White

Her Favorites:

Hobby: Reading
Book: Empire of Storms - Sarah J. Maas
Sport: Football
Childhood memory: Family vacations
Food: Josh's fettucine alfredo
Place I've visited: Ireland
TV Show: Friends

More About Our Family

Why We Are Adopting

We have been married for 10 years and have wanted to be parents since we got married. We tried for many years with multiple fertility treatments, and through that we learned we won't be able to have biological children. After some time and prayer, we felt God was calling us to adoption. Through that calling, we are so excited to adopt and truly feel like this is how we are meant to become parents.

Our Faith

The Christian faith is a core value we share in our life together. We were both brought up in the Christian Church with involvement in Sunday school, volunteer work and confirmation being an important part of our life. Our faith brought us closer together as a couple, and we want to share with our child the love and support that Jesus and a church home can give.

Our Family Traditions

-Summer camping trips in the mountains
-Summer and holiday vacations to see family either at home or a new destination
-Decorating our home for the holidays, especially Christmas
-Christmas tree hunting the day after Thanksgiving every year (we always name our tree too)
-Josh cooks extravagant meals every Sunday for the family
-Spending quality time in the mountains, often hiking or reading together by an alpine river

Family is one of the most important core values for both of us. We are both blessed to have extended families that love and support us, and we love to spend quality time with them as much as we can.

Our Pet

We have a beautiful Red Siberian Husky named Lucah, who's now 9 years old. He's so gentle and friendly, always wanting to make new friends out on walks. He's energetic and loves to play with his toys, especially the soft crinkly ones! He loves children and is so gentle with our nieces when they visit together. We have a big picture window in our living room that he loves to sit by and watch the world pass by. He's pretty quiet for a Husky, but when he gets excited he has a low pitched howl that everyone thinks is so cute!

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and consider us to be the future parents of your child. We promise to be loving parents who will give your child a happy life and a happy home. We look forward to the adventures we will go on, the family traditions we will carry on and the new ones we will create. We promise to give them the best future we are able. We are open to occasional visits and sharing letters and photos with you.

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