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Kevin & Emily

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State We Live in: North Carolina
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: Yes
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months, 1 and 2 Years, 3 and 4 Years
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Any Race, African American, African American/Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American
Sibling Group: Yes
Up to 6 years old
Open to Twins: Yes

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Hello! We are Kevin and Emily, an outdoorsy and loving couple. Even before we started dating, we each saw adoption as a beautiful way to grow our family. After we had our daughters Emily became a stay-at-home mom. We love being parents! We’ve always wanted a big family and are committed to and excited about expanding our family through adoption. We’d be honored to get to know you and to share an open adoption.

About Us

We met for the very first time in a building where Kevin was working. Then, several months later, Kevin brought one of his soldiers to Emily’s work for a therapy appointment. We had a mutual, instant connection. A few days later we had our first date at an ice cream shop. We’ve been together ever since!

Things we love to do together:

• Hike! We like the thrill of finding a new place to go to or a trail we have never been on.
• Road trip! We love being together, without technology, on an open road.
• The water! Whether it’s a pool, lake, or ocean, we just love to be by or on the water.

About Emily

I am an active individual and enjoy playing sports and figure skating. I love watching baseball and I can’t wait to share baseball games (a love I got from my dad!) with our children as they grow up. I was an Athletic Trainer before we had our daughters and now I love being a stay-at-home mom.

What Kevin loves about Emily: Emily is the most genuine, loving, and understanding person I have ever met. Her experience teaching children to ice skate has given her unending patience. Emily is always prepared for any situation, she goes into everything with a ready attitude, especially parenthood. I love the way she brings out the best in everyone she meets. She is a great mom who loves with her whole heart!

About Kevin

I am an outdoorsy person and enjoy staying fit through hiking, boxing, and MMA. I can’t wait to take our children exploring! I am an Infantryman in the United States Army. I enjoy training and supporting my country, and being there for my family. Becoming a dad has meant the world to me.

What Emily loves about Kevin: Kevin is the most caring, kind, and gentle man. He always puts his loved ones first and makes sure their needs are met. He empathizes with you when you’re sad and celebrates every accomplishment you make, no matter how small or silly it might seem. He is such a loving father and so proud to be a dad. (He’s always the first to brag about his kids and loves to take a million pictures of them!)

Our Home in North Carolina

We live in a newer home in North Carolina, with 4 bedrooms, in a tight-knit community. We have a big fenced-in yard and enjoy living on almost an acre of land. Our neighbors are friendly and it’s a great place to raise a family.

Family Life

Our Daughters: After we began the process to adopt, we had two surprise pregnancies and were so happy to welcome our daughters, who are about a year and a half apart. Our oldest is now a toddler who loves music, especially when we sing to her. Our youngest just arrived this summer and is as sweet as can be. As parents, we love reading reading books with our girls and look forward to planning family hikes and craft projects to do together as they grow up. We love the thought of raising children close in age and having a big family. We would love to adopt our next child and become a family of 5!

Extended Family: Our families enjoy any time we all get together! We both come from pretty big families with relatives all over the country (Emily has over 40 cousins!). Holidays are big and so fun with our family. No matter where we’ve lived, we’ve always made time to visit each other. Everyone is so excited about our plans to adopt!

Our Promise

You will always stay close in our hearts and minds. We see open adoption as a way for a child to have more people to love them, including you, us, and all of our family. We promise to raise your child in a nurturing home that believes in redirection and encouragement, and shows love to God. We hope to pass down our love of exploring the outdoors and a zest for learning. As parents, we will help your child find fulfillment in going for their goals.

We promise to love your child unconditionally and teach them right from wrong. We will tell your child how our family came together through adoption and how special you are to us. We will teach your child to be understanding, patient, and respectful. We’ll make sure he or she is given the best possible resources and opportunities to explore their heritage, ethnicity, and anything they have interest in.

If you want an open adoption, we will honor the level of contact you are comfortable sharing with us. We hope to talk with you! Call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Thoughtfully, Kevin & Emily

More About Kevin

Education: Working on a Bachelor's Degree
Profession: US Army
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

His Favorites:

Hobby: Hiking
Song: "This One's for You" by Luke Combs, or "Chicken Fried" by Zac Brown Band
Animal: Wolf or Dog
Children's Book: "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
Food: Parmesan Crusted Salmon
Holiday: Christmas, of course!
Sport: MMA/Boxing

More About Emily

Education: Masters Degree
Profession: Stay at Home Mom
Stay-At-Home: Yes
Racial Background: Caucasian

Her Favorites:

Hobby: Hiking, figure skating, games
Song: "Prayed for You" by Matt Stell
Animal: Dog
Children's Book: "Love You Forever," by Robert Munsch
Food: Parmesan Crusted Salmon
Holiday: Christmas (the time with family is the best!)
Sport: Figure skating or baseball

More About Our Family

Fun Facts

• Emily loves singing in the car, especially on road trips!
• Kevin is silly has the best “dad jokes” ready for our kids.

Our Pets

We have two dogs, Stella and Taqui, who are best friends. Both dogs love when we have kids, of all ages, over to the house. They are loyal and gentle pets, patient and good with others.

What we like about where we live...

• The diverse and welcoming community.
• Lots of beautiful outdoor places to hike or explore.
• Safe, friendly neighborhood.

Family Traditions

• Every Christmas Eve, our whole family gets matching pajamas to wear on Christmas morning.
• For birthdays, we decorate the birthday person’s door so they are extra excited when they wake up. We also blow up one of their presents inside a balloon!
• On Easter morning we have an egg hunt and open baskets we made for each other.
• Taking cross-country road trips and vacations to see all the sights our country offers.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We would love a chance to get to know you, and will honor an ongoing connection with you after the adoption, at your comfort level. We're so excited about growing our family! To learn more about us, please contact Lifetime to set up a phone or video chat with us.

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