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Sammy & Tara

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State We Live in: New Jersey
Our Religion: Catholic
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months, 1 and 2 Years, 3 and 4 Years
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic

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We are a fun-loving, outgoing, full-of-life-and-love kind of family. We love being parents and hope to grow our family through adoption.

As a family, we make the most of any reason to get together with loved ones. We love our small-town life, where there’s a festival for almost every season, and lots of kid-friendly fun. We would love to get to know you and the life you picture for your baby. We are honored to be considered as adoptive parents for your baby.

About Us

We are best friends and a great team, especially when it comes to parenting. We met through mutual friends 14 years ago and have been married over 7 years. We always dreamed we’d have a big family. We’ve been through multiple miscarriages, and though we were blessed with our amazing son, Grant, we are not able to have any more babies biologically. We feel like God has led us to adoption and we’re excited to expand our family this way!

Together we enjoy:
• Day-trips to the zoo, park, beach, street fairs, amusement parks, water parks, sporting events, the aquarium, or the boardwalk (to name a few!)
• Trying different restaurants and ice cream places
• Backyard barbecues and pool parties
• Kitchen dance-offs and playing games
• Homemade pizza Fridays and watching movies

As Catholic Christian parents, we will share our values for faith and family, raising our children to make time for relationships with God and loved ones. Our faith is very important to us.

About Tara

Tara is an excellent, dedicated wife and mother. Our son adores her! She puts her entire heart into everything that she does. Tara is loving, nurturing, and great with people. She’s always planning something fun for us.

In her own words: I have been a hairdresser for many years and love talking and connecting with people. My job also gives me the flexibility to be a part-time stay-at-home mom for Grant. I also enjoy decorating our house, arts and crafts projects, and baking new recipes. I like exploring new places, doing anything outdoors, dancing, shopping, music, reading, and TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelorette. And pretty much anything I experience with my son makes me happy!

About Sammy

Sammy has the kindest heart, is easy-going, funny, and makes sure we are well cared for, loved and supported. He is a true gentleman, and a fun, caring, compassionate father. Our son really looks up to him. Sammy always makes time for Grant to play make-believe, games, or watch a favorite show.

In his own words: I love sports; watching sports, playing sports, and even teaching my son the art of sports and teamwork. I look forward to taking my children to sporting events and playing games in the yard. I enjoy working out, music, time with family and friends, and collecting Magic cards. I like movies and going out to new restaurants (Grant and I have such a sweet tooth, so we love to find new desserts. I usually rate restaurants based on how much we love their dessert menu!). I’m also a chemist at a fragrance company, and since I’ve always liked science and math, it’s the perfect work for me to provide for my family.

Our Family

Our 5 year old son, Grant, is sweet, loving, and smart. He has a huge heart and a fun spirit, is always smiling and thinking of others, and he’s imaginative and adventurous. Grant will be an attentive and loving big brother!

We both come from really big families–Sammy’s mom is one of 10 children, and Tara’s dad is one of 11! Most of our family lives within 30 minutes of us, so we get together for holidays, birthdays, or anything in between. Everyone is so much fun and always there for each other. Our favorite family traditions are baking Tara’s family apple pie recipe for Thanksgiving, the Christmas cookie bake-off and exchange, Easter egg hunts, and pool parties for Mother’s and Father’s Day. We really enjoy as much time as we can with loved ones. Everyone is excited to welcome the child we adopt!

Our Home in New Jersey

We live in a beautiful small town in New Jersey, on a quiet cul-de-sac. Our home has a spacious backyard and we have a nursery already set up for our future child. Our friendly community has good schools nearby, and many activities and parks for kids.

Our town is kind and welcoming; people always say hello or want to chat. They have festivals and fairs for different holidays and seasons. At Halloween, people set up games and snacks on their lawns. The Fourth of July festival has food trucks, games, live music, and fireworks. The day after Thanksgiving Santa arrives by helicopter over the town’s center. There are family-owned restaurants, great Italian food, and you can get the best pizza here!

Our Promise

We promise your baby will be loved beyond measure, and that we will support and encourage his or her interests and dreams. We promise to provide a safe, stable home, a strong education, opportunities, and a strong sense of faith and belonging. We promise to be parents who always have our children’s best interest at heart.

We believe adoption brings many people together for the love of one child. If you choose us for your baby, please know you will always mean the world to us. We would cherish the opportunity to know you and get to stay in touch, in whatever way you are comfortable.

We’d love to talk or even meet with you! We will honor our commitment to you and your child, always. To contact us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Sammy & Tara

More About Sammy

Education: Bachelor's Degree
Profession: Chemist for a Fragrance Company
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

His Favorites:

Food: Pizza, dessert, anything Nutella, and Haribo Candy Raspberries
Movie: Star Wars
Song: Love it Loud, by Kiss
Season: Autumn
Holiday: Halloween
Ice Cream Flavor: Cake Batter
Vacation Spot: Disney & Las Vegas

More About Tara

Education: Vocational Beauty School
Profession: Hairdresser
Stay-At-Home: Part-time
Racial Background: Caucasian

Her Favorites:

Food: Panera's Broccoli Cheddar Soup or Sammy's mom's cooking, sprinkle cookies, and sushi
Movie: Wonder
Song: The Bones, by Maren Morris
Season: Autumn
Holiday: Christmas
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Vacation Spot: Disney

More About Our Family

Fun Facts About Us

• We are totally into dressing up for Halloween! We've even won costume contests over the years.
• Sammy helped in creating a well known purfume scent at his fragrance company.
• Tara loves everything leopard print (it's the best "neutral color!")

Our Faith

God and our faith are very important to us as Catholic Christians. We will raise our children to know the Lord, and we look forward to attending church as a family, and celebrating our traditions of our faith together.

Behind the Scenes

Our son loves to learn musical instruments, and even turns his prayers into songs. Tara considers herself the 'soup-master' and loves to make new soup recipes all the time. Sammy has been interested in the card game, Magic, since he was a child, and since it's made a comeback in recent years, he's turned his huge collection into a small side business.

We love the little things...

We think it’s totally OK to have breakfast for dinner, make Tuesdays about tacos, and celebrate good days with ice cream!

In Closing

We would love to become a family of four, celebrating each other's imperfections, and instilling confidence and a love for life in our children. If you'd like to learn more about our family, we would love to hear from you! Thank you for considering our family for your child.

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