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State We Live in: Mississippi
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months, 1 and 2 Years
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Any Race, African American, African American/Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American
Sibling Group: Yes
Oldest up to 2 years old
Open to Twins: Yes

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Hi there! We’re Todd and Bekka from Mississippi, and we’re really happy about the chance to become first-time parents through open adoption. Both of us work at schools near each other. We enjoy hanging out and traveling together. We want to raise our child to know Jesus and grow up in a loving home. We’re super excited about making new memories as a family. We’d love to learn more about you in this process. Thanks a bunch for considering us as adoptive parents!

About Us

We have been married 6 years. We met through Todd’s mom! Todd was in the Army at the time, so our time together was very special. We were married the next year and then Todd was deployed. We were fortunately able to communicate fairly easily while he was gone.  Todd recently completed his service in the Army.

Now, we LOVE to travel. Bekka loves Disney, and Todd tags along happily. We love sitting on a beach or even just our porch reading books or listening to podcasts. We regularly attend church where Todd plays the drums at the contemporary worship service weekly. Although we are both busy throughout the week, we always make time to talk about our day and spend time together.

Bekka has always wanted to adopt since she was very young. She shared this with Todd when we met. Both of us are excited to grow our family. We are not only looking forward to big events like vacations and holidays with our child, but also the small things like reading a bedtime story together or swinging at the nearby park.

About Bekka (written by Todd)

Bekka is the most driven person I know! When she sets her sights on something, she never quits until it is done. She is a positive example to numerous kids through her work in an elementary school and as a cheer coach as she displays love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. She displays these fruits of the Spirit at home too. Bekka puts so much of her energy into others; these selfless characteristics make her the most qualified mother in the world, and they are also why I love her. Bekka looks forward to the simple daily things with her future child: reading before bedtime, movie nights, and she might even teach him/her to do a backflip!

Bekka is most interested in:

  • Crafting clothes/accessories
  • Coaching cheer
  • Learning new skills
  • Traveling
  • Building a family
  • Dress up/themed days at work (she goes ALL out from head to toe!)

*Fun fact – Bekka is also a travel agent. Her favorite trips to book are Disney trips and cruises! She also makes matching t-shirts for the trips.

About Todd (written by Bekka)

Todd is an extraordinary individual, characterized by his unwavering work ethic and honesty. His commitment to hard work is truly commendable, as he approaches each day with dedication and perseverance. He’s an assistant principal this year, and he loves working with the kids at school. He’s like a big kid himself sometimes, and that’s what makes him so great. He listens to everyone and always tries to help. Also, he’s really careful with our money; he makes sure everything is organized so we can have a safe and steady future. Todd guides our family with kindness and love, just like how Christ leads with compassion. He is going to be a great dad, and I can’t wait to watch! Todd looks forward to teaching his child how to run a business. He is excited to play outside with his future child.

Todd loves:

  • Playing the drums
  • Reading
  • Listening to financial podcasts
  • Playing video games
  • Traveling
  • Buying houses
  • Anything financial related

*Fun fact – Todd owns 5 other houses that he rents. His business is organized, and he always strives to make sure his tenants have everything they need.

Our Family

Todd’s parents live in the same city as us. We enjoy meals together regularly. We usually do holiday get togethers at their house. They are both retired and help babysit our niece and nephew throughout the week. Todd’s brother and his wife live about 45 minutes away. They have a son and a daughter, and we love spending time with them and watching them grow.

Bekka’s mom lives about an hour and a half away. She is also retired and helps babysit our other niece and nephew. Bekka’s sister and her husband live close to Bekka’s mom and also have a son and a daughter. We love spending time with all of them as well. Their son loves to spend the night at Uncle Todd and Aunt Bekka’s house.

All of our family members are supportive of our decision to adopt, and they can’t wait to have another little one in the family.

We can’t wait to start new family traditions with our child, from vacationing to just enjoying some playtime in the backyard on a weekend. Bekka decorates the house for every holiday, and we can’t wait for our future child to be involved in that. We also always go visit our parents on holidays, so we look forward to our child coming with us.

Our Home in Mississippi

We live in a 3-bedroom open concept house. There is plenty of room for a child to play in the living room and be able to watch parents cooking in the kitchen. We have a lovely front porch with rocking chairs where we enjoy reading and watching cars go by. We have a small back patio and a fairly large back yard with plenty of room for a swing set and other outdoor equipment for children.

We live just around the corner from the library, and we are only 2 blocks from the newly remodeled park. There are sidewalks that are perfect for walking or pushing a stroller. We are within walking distance of our city’s cute downtown area that has several restaurants and hosts fun events for children and families throughout the year.

We have one cat, Muw (pronounced “Mew”). Bekka rescued her when she was in college. She is kind and cuddly. She loves napping on Todd’s lap on the couch, but she sleeps next to Bekka every night. She is playful, but also loves to lay on top of her “tower” and look out the window.


Our Promise

We promise to love and care for your precious child with all our hearts. Our commitment is rooted in our Christian faith, and we promise to teach your child about the love of Jesus and the importance of kindness, forgiveness, and compassion. We will create a warm and supportive home where they can feel safe, valued, and encouraged to be the person God intended them to be. We promise to celebrate their uniqueness, guide them with love, and provide them with the tools to navigate life’s challenges. Your child will be surrounded by a community of faith, family, and friends who will offer unwavering support and love. We promise to honor and cherish the connection with you, and will always speak of you with respect and gratitude. Our commitment is a lifelong one, filled with love, faith, and the promise to nurture and cherish your child as a precious gift from God.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

More About Todd

Education: Master of Science in Educational Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Education - Social Studies, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Profession: Assistant Principal
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

His Favorites:

Food: Chicken Curry
Book: The Grapes of Wrath
Color: Gray
Sport: Baseball
Vacation: Jamaica
Movie: Forrest Gump
Thing To Do Together: Travel

More About Bekka

Education: Master Of Science in Speech-Language Pathology, Bachelor in Applied Sciences - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Profession: Speech Therapist
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

Her Favorites:

Food: Chicken and Dumplings
Book: Harry Potter series
Color: Bright Blue
Sport: Cheerleading/Gymnastics
Vacation: Disney!!
Movie: The Little Mermaid
Thing To Do Together: Travel

More About Our Family

Plans for Childcare

Before school age, Todd's parents will probably babysit when we are at work. They live only 10 minutes away. Some days they also keep our niece and nephew, so our child will have built in playmates!
There is a great PreK program at both of our respective schools. We both work in wonderful school districts that we would be glad for our child to attend.

5 Things We Love on a Weekend

1- Sleeping In
2- Reading
3- Binge watching a new series on Netflix
4- Going out for dinner
5- Going to church

Travel Bucket List

-All the Disney parks

Our Friends Would Say We Are

-Caring and compassionate
-Honest and fun
-Loving and hard working

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We believe we would be good parents for an adopted child because our faith is important to us, and we try to live by Jesus's teachings in our everyday lives. We go to church together, pray as a family, and learn about the Bible. We think kindness, love, and forgiveness are really important, and we want to share those values with a child. Our home is a place where we support each other, and we want to create a loving and caring environment for a child to grow up in. We believe that God has a plan for everyone, and we will do our best to guide and love a child just like God loves us. We are open to discussing future contact with you, and will honor whatever we all decide is best.

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