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State We Live in: Florida
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months, 1 and 2 Years
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: African American, African American/Hispanic, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Hispanic, Hispanic

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Hello from Florida! We are Will & Clarissa and we are excited to grow our family through adoption. We have two daughters, Abby (12) and Alyssa (8). We enjoy movie nights on the weekends, swimming in our pool, having playdates with our friends and extended family, and going to theme parks around Florida. As we grow our family, we look forward to spending more time as a family doing what we enjoy – being together! We are open to texts, letters, photos, and visits and are excited to teach our next child about God.

About Us

We are high school sweethearts, we have been together for many years and we are looking forward to many more. Will is an IT professional, and Clarissa is a Sales Director. We like going out to dinner, shopping, and watching “based on true story” movies together. Our hearts were first drawn to adoption when we learned it was going to be difficult to conceive naturally. After four years of fertility treatments, we were blessed with our oldest daughter, Abby, and, 3 years later we were blessed with Alyssa. We love to spend time together as a family watching movies, having play dates, playing table games, and riding our bikes. We are thrilled to now follow our hearts in the adoption journey and open our home to your child.  As we did with our daughters, we look forward to playing, reading, learning new games, and learning new things with our next child.

About Will

Will is kind, affectionate, and fun! He is the loudest at any party, and nobody forgets his laugh. He enjoys his work in IT and loves the fact that it gives him the flexibility to be home all the time with our daughters that are currently being homeschooled. He also gets to use his techie side in solving issues and finding ways to be more efficient. He is patient, kind-hearted, and likes to play and watch basketball. He follows both college basketball and the NBA. Will enjoys spending time with our daughters either riding bikes, playing at home, taking them to basketball/volleyball practice and games. He is looking forward to teaching our next child how much God loves him or her. In addition, he is looking forward to sharing his passion for music and sports with them.

About Clarissa

Clarissa is loving, self-motivated, and patient. She currently works as the Director in Sales and enjoys her job because it is challenging and different each day. She has a passion for the Lord, a willingness to be unselfish, and always keeps our kid’s futures in mind.  She has a passion for teaching others about God and loves going to the beach, have family trips to Georgia, and watching movies. In her free time, Clarissa likes to read books. She reads one to two books per month. Most of all, I know that she looks forward to bond with our next child, playing games with them, and sharing with them her passion for reading.

Our Children and Family

Our daughters are such blessings! Abby is 12 years old and her favorite school subjects are math, science, and art. She is a quiet and generous soul, enjoys making others smile, and is always thinking about others. Alyssa is 8 years old and is the spice of our family! She enjoys making everyone laugh and giving hugs and kisses. Both are looking forward to having a little sibling to play with.

Our extended family lives close by. We have seven nieces and nephews that enjoy spending time together. We have frequent get-togethers and everyone is excited to welcome our next child. Besides our monthly get-togethers, we have other family traditions like getting together on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Day that we are excited to share.

Our dog, Cody, is a 1-year-old Labrador mix. He enjoys watching over Abby and Alyssa and taking long walks around the neighborhood.

Our Home in Florida

We live in a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathrooms home with a nursery ready to go and designated for your child! Our home is located in a quiet neighborhood within a gated community. One of many things we appreciate about our neighborhood is that our pediatrician lives here. Our home has a beautiful backyard that includes a pool, barbecue area, fire pit, and green area to play. We like to take bike rides around our neighborhood and walk our dog, Cody, at sunset.

We have several parks nearby that we like to visit with our daughters. We like to explore our city by visiting new parks, and restaurants.

Our Promise

We promise to love your child and give them all the opportunities to succeed. We will be honest and open about their adoption story and help them to accomplish their dreams and goals. We promise to give your child a fun life with family vacations, Friday movie nights, trips to the beach, and the famous theme parks in Florida. We will teach your child about the love of God and promise that they will grow up with a life full of loving memories. We promise to pray for you each night along with your child. We are open to sharing texts, letters, photos, and visits.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

More About Will

Education: BS Applied Science Information Technology
Profession: IT Operations Analyst
Stay-At-Home: No, but works from home
Racial Background: Hispanic

His Favorites:

Season: Winter
Family Fun: Watching movies
Food: Steak
Vacation Spot: Georgia
Hobby: Basketball
Outdoor Activities: Swimming
TV Show: The Chosen

More About Clarissa

Education: BS Chemical Engineering/Masters in Business Administration
Profession: Director of Sales and Service
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Afro-Hispanic

Her Favorites:

Season: Fall
Family Fun: Swimming
Food: Tuscan Salmon
Vacation Spot: Anywhere warm
Hobby: Reading
Outdoor Activities: Beach

More About Our Family

Our Special Interests

Community Involvement
Teaching how to handle finances God's Way

Our Faith

We are Christians and we feel blessed that we are children of God. We make it a priority to go to church every Sunday, but most importantly we want to follow God wholeheartedly every day of our lives. We believe that our Christian faith and values impact every area of our lives. We strive to love every person we come across with knowing they are made in the image of God.

Our Musical Interest

We love music in our house. We typically have music on or on the TV. Clarissa enjoys listening to Christian music, specially the classics like Michael W. Smith and Chris Tomlin. Will listens to both Spanish and English Christian music. Our daughters have the Christian radio station at all times, and our oldest loves the band "For King and Country". We enjoy taking our daughters to Christian Concerts.

About Our Home

We live in a quiet gated community. Our home has 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with a pool. Our backyard is an oasis with many tropical plants, a fire pit, and a barbecue area. We love our home because it is spacious and we love to entertain. Our daughters love the house so much, they say they are never leaving!

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about our family. We are looking forward to growing our family through adoption and including your child in movie nights, theme park visits around Florida, and play dates with our wonderful friends and extended family. We promise to help your child to accomplish their dreams and goals, and most importantly we promise to teach them about the love of God for him or her and you. We look forward to sharing his or her life via text, letters, and annual visits with you.

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