A Letter from Keith & Leigh

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for considering us as parents to your child.

After years of friendship, we discovered we had fallen in love. In 9 years of marriage, we created a life built on love, friendship, and respect. We always knew we wanted children. Two years into our marriage we were blessed with a little girl. However, Leigh has been unable to get pregnant again. We believe God has a plan for us and pray that plan includes the gift of adoption. We have so much love to give and look forward to opening our hearts and home to your child.

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Our Story

We met playing soccer. Spending weekends on the field and traveling to tournaments, we learned how much we enjoyed each other, had in common, and balanced each other. We took hikes to waterfalls, laughed at the same comedians, and Keith liked to cook and Leigh liked to eat. It was perfect!

Sharing core values, we built a wonderful life for our family. We focus on family, friends, traditions, and activities; on doing rather than having, on experiences, rather than on things. We enjoy outdoor adventures, concerts, road trips, sports, and volunteering. We vacation with friends, holiday with family, and balance it all with time alone as a family

About Keith, by Leigh

Keith is a great husband, father and my best friend. He is such a warm and friendly person with a positive outlook and genuine interest in people. He believes that family takes care of family and friends are always there for one another. He is extremely hardworking with a playful side. Keith inherited his father’s woodworking passion and loves spending time in the shop. Whether building Kaelin’s bed, my napkin holder, or a chair for charity, his passion shows. He also enjoys gardening, working on cars, and cooking. Keith manages to include Kaelin in all his hobbies and hopes to pass on his love of them to his children.

About Leigh, by Keith

Leigh is kind and generous and enjoys the simple things in life. She prioritizes spending time together as a family; be it walks, family dinners or playing in the yard. Watching her wrestle with Kaelin, cheer for her favorite sports team or relax with a Sudoku puzzle always makes me smile. Leigh is a natural planner, always looking for new adventures and ways to have fun day to day experiences. Leigh enjoys volunteering at Kaelin’s school and teaching at church. She loves the outdoors, being with friends and decorating for the holidays. She is a wonderful mother and is excited to be there for your child.

Our Family and Traditions

Kaelin is a sweet, loving, compassionate, generous little nature girl who wants to be friends with everyone.  She has always wanted a sibling and can’t wait to show your child how to swing, jump in puddles, make forts and dance. She has so much love to give and is excited to teach her brother or sister all that she knows.

When it’s time for the holidays Easter is spent in Georgia, Thanksgiving in Virginia, and Christmas in New Jersey. We look forward to introducing your child to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, all of whom are thrilled to shower him/her with love.

A few of our family traditions include Sunday morning pancake day, celebrating 1/2 birthdays, and apple picking. Each year we visit a giant pumpkin, celebrating Mother’s Day with ice cream and Father’s Day with donuts, and attend the Cherry Blossom Festival and Zoo Lights.

Our Home in Virginia

Our home is in a subdivision in Northern Virginia, nestled in a private woodsy lot. With multiple parks, recreation facilities, trails and a pool just minutes away, there are always fun things to see and do. It’s a perfect location to take advantage of all DC has to offer.

Our backyard and its natural setting is ideal for kids. We can’t wait to explore the woods and stream in our yard and spy on wildlife as we enjoy dinners or toast marshmallows on our deck with your child. An open grassy area, a playhouse, a swing set and large sandbox await your little one.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide a happy, safe, and loving home where your child can grow into a successful adult with the confidence to follow his/her dreams.  We promise to raise your child with love, support, and patience. We will teach by example and provide education through school, travel, music, art, and sports.

We promise that you will be a part of our family and your child will know that love is what brought him or her to us and that we will be there for them always. Thank you for considering our family.

If you’d like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784.

Learn More About Keith & Leigh

  Keith Leigh
Our EducationBachelors of Science in PhysicsMasters; JD
Our ProfessionsManagerStay at home mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Keith & Leigh's Favorites
Favorite VacationKenyaBelize
Family ActivityCampingHiking or walking
Hope to learn this yearSpanishPlay piano
Place We're Excited to Take Your ChildOn nature walksApple picking
TraditionCelebrating small random holidays, i.e. ice cream day, pancake dayHosting the annual Easter Egg Hunt
Gift from spouseBall of rubber bandsHandmade napkin holder
If I had a free dayGo surfingGo out on a boat
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests - Travel

Both of us love to travel. This love has led us to safari in Africa, surf in Australia, snorkel in Belize, zip line in Costa Rica, summer in Spain, and helicopter in Canada. We've made numerous road trips along the east coast and have visited over half of our country's states. We also travel locally to take advantage of what our region has to offer. Virginia has a rich history and wonderful regional and national parks, not to mention the many historical sites. DC's museums, monuments, and cultural events could keep us busy for years.

We are fortunate that we have been able to see and experience so much. We hope to pass on our love of travel to our children and show them the world.

Our Traditions

For us, traditions create memories. Both nationally recognized traditions and ones we've created ourselves provide an opportunity to take a break from the every day and enjoy being together.

Some of our family traditions include Sunday morning pancake day, celebrating half birthdays, going apple picking, hosting a kids' Easter egg hunt, an annual beach vacation, and celebrating Mother's Day with ice cream and Father's Day with donuts. We embrace these traditions as a way to make sure we slow down and appreciate some of the smaller things in life.

Our Child

Kaelin is a joy. At times it's hard to remember our lives without her. She finds excitement is the smallest things, has such a creative imagination, and is curious about so many things. In fact, sometimes I think her questions will never end!

Kaelin enjoys simple things like building forts, reading bedtime stories, running in the sprinkler, snowball fights, having picnics in the living room, having fun, and just being silly. She also has her favorite activities with her grandparents. She plays piano with one, shops with another takes walks with one grandpa and does computer games with the other. Kaelin also has cousins galore, with interests such as fencing, Irish step dancing, and horseback riding. They are ready to share all they know.

As an only child, we try to create balance for Kaelin and instill the importance of independent play and quiet time. We hope Kaelin can experience the activities she is drawn to, and develop her individual talents and follow her heart.

Kaelin truly helped us learn what parenthood is about - love, patience, understanding, and fun. Our goal is for her to grow up to be a happy, healthy, well-rounded, and responsible adult.

We live in the state of...


We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 3 years old





Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest to 3 years of age.

Ethnicity of ChildCaucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Hispanic/Caucasian, Hispanic/Other, Asian/Caucasian, Native American/Caucasian, Native American
Future Contact with Birth Family

Open to contact with birth mother and family through photos, letters, and visits.

In Closing

Your child's life will be filled with unconditional love, stability, encouragement, guidance, and support. Your child will laugh, play, learn and travel. Your child will have the opportunity to explore different activities and develop individual talents and passions and grow into a well-rounded, responsible adult. Thank you for getting a glimpse into our fun-loving, music-filled, family-oriented home. We look forward to creating wonderful memories with your child!

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