Adoption Services in Oklahoma

There are many steps involved with adoption. This is why it is important that you use an agency you know you can trust. Lifetime Adoption specializes in open adoptions between birth mothers and parents considering adopting a child in Oklahoma and beyond. If you are interested and wondering how to adopt a child in Oklahoma, contact Lifetime Adoption today.
Pregnancy Adoption Services in Oklahoma

Adoptions of Newborns and Older Children

Lifetime Adoption helps with adoptions for both newborn babies and older children. We know many factors may lead to your decision to adopt. We will not judge you or pressure you in any way. We simply wish to make the process as easy as possible. Lifetime Adoption was founded by an adoptive mother who knows the emotions involved. We always practice kindness and consideration as you make the best decisions for your child.
Newborn adoptions may begin at any time during your pregnancy. You can choose the adoptive parents right away or wait for the right fit. Some birth mothers find that having an adoptive family involved early in the pregnancy allows plenty of time for bonding, even becoming so close that the adoptive parents are present for labor and delivery. Others prefer to have time alone with the developing baby. You might want to go through delivery or even sign the child’s first birth certificate on your own.
Choosing adoption for older children is a loving, but difficult decision. Lifetime Adoption will do all we can to find the perfect fit for your child. We can even facilitate an open adoption in Oklahoma that allows you to continue to have a relationship with your child even after he or she is adopted by a supportive family.
Adoption Services in Oklahoma for pregnant women

Native American Adoption

Oklahoma is Native America. For this reason, there may be more children of native ancestry available for adoption than in other places. Native American adoption has its own unique laws that must be understood before the adoption can take place. Though these laws are complex, the brief explanation is that adoptions for children who are eligible for membership through a recognized American Indian tribe must be in compliance with the laws established by the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978. Lifetime Adoption will help you to understand these laws if you or your child is a member of a recognized tribe.
Whether or not the baby is a member of a native tribe, you may wish that your child be placed with a Native American couple in order to secure his or her heritage. Lifetime Adoption works with couples and singles of all races, creeds, and backgrounds. We are certain we can find the right fit for your needs and desires.
baby Adoption Services in Oklahoma

Adopting Children in Oklahoma

Parents considering adopting a child in Oklahoma can contact Lifetime Adoption to learn more about adopting in Oklahoma and throughout the American southwest. We facilitate adoptions in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and the more rural parts of the state.
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