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creative gifts for your child's birth mom

Creative Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Birth Mom

Many adoptive parents wonder, “What can we give our child’s birth mother to show her that we care?” Gifts that you give your child’s birth mother will vary, depending on the relationship you’ve made with her. It also depends on her preferences and desires.

When a birth mother completes her adoption paperwork from Lifetime, she lists her favorites and some of the things she likes to do. Your Adoption Coordinator will share her favorites and hobbies with you once you’re officially matched. So, referring back to that info is a wonderful place to start.

Once you get to know the birth mother a little better and your relationship evolves, you’ll discover her interests. You might even find out that you share a few hobbies and interests in common!

A gift basket can be a lovely, personalized gift for your child’s birth mother! By collecting items and placing them into the basket yourself, you can pick and choose items that you know she’ll love! This will also show her that you put a lot of thought and love into the gift. You might include things like gift cards, body wash, candles, lotion, or spa items in the basket, depending on what she likes.

thank your birth parents with thoughtful gifts, they are giving you the greatest gift
Lifetime encourages you to include an item in the basket for your child’s birth mother to have as a keepsake. Think about something that she can hold onto in the future, something that’s a tender memory of this time. The keepsake doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that’s special and tangible.

Make sure to keep her needs in mind too. Every woman is different, and their situations vary. So as you get more acquainted with your child’s birth mom, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what she’d like.

Here are some ideas for birth mother gifts. Please note, you’ll need to check with your adoption attorney to make sure that gifts are allowable in your state.

Birthstone to represent the birth month

Book Marker to mark a beautiful event

Calendar to represent the future

Cross to represent hope

Flowers to represent new lifetime

Fortune Cookies to wish good fortune

Heart to represent love

Measuring Cup to represent an immeasurable gift

Picture Frame for a “special” photograph

Precious Moments Figurine to represent the “precious moment” of birth

Silver Dollar to represent generosity