Can we select the gender of the child?

adopt girl or boy gender preferences
On occasion we will accept families requesting to adopt specifically a girl or boy. However, we have found that birth mothers respond disapprovingly to gender preferences, and often comment, “If the family was blessed with a biological child they would not be given the choice of gender.” If a child is already born this is easier.

None of us want women to feel rejected because the child she is carrying is of the “wrong gender”. Many of our birth mothers don’t know what gender the baby will be and even sonograms are not 100 percent accurate. We encourage families interested in a specific gender to consider the adoption of a waiting child where the gender is obviously known. If you really would prefer a specific gender, please fill out our free application and share with us the reason you are selecting a specific gender.

It is important for all families to understand that with more specifics required for your child, you may experience a much longer wait to be chosen by a birth parent.

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