Does Lifetime Adoption accept credit cards for payment of adoption fees?

Lifetime Adoption accepts credit cards
Lifetime Adoption does accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards as an alternative to a personal check or wire transfer for adoption fees. Some bank card companies have daily limits. You may wish to check yours, and if you find that you do have a daily limit, learn how to modify it for one day. We also accept electronic checks and direct deposit to expedite your process and e-signatures on contracts, allowing you to contract within the day if desired. Be sure to let the application coordinator know your needs. She can help you too!

Using a credit card to pay for adoption expenses can be advantageous if adoptive parents want to earn bonus miles or other rewards offered by their credit card company. We encourage you to read the fine print and to contact your credit card company directly to ask about a reduced rate for the amount you will be requesting for your adoption expenses. This would also be the time to ask about the terms and conditions up front from the credit card company.

Remember, many credit card companies will issue a traditional paper check to their credit card holders upon request. Credit card holders should be aware that these checks are often considered a cash advance, with your account accruing interest immediately.

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