How do we handle the paperwork for our adoption, since we live in a different state?

Adoption Paperwork handled country wide
It’s very easy. We have been working with adoptive families and birth mothers nationwide since 1986. In fact, the majority of our families are not in our state, so we have purposefully developed our program to work with families across the nation. Our main office is located in California. In 2013, Mardie Caldwell opened Lifetime Adoption, Inc. in Florida, a licensed child-placing agency.

Most adoptions are between your home state and the birth mother’s state. For example, you might live in Texas and your birth mother might be in Ohio. In such a case, California (or Florida) are not even involved in the legal paperwork.

All of the paperwork Lifetime requires can be completed by mail, fax, or email. It is not mandatory to travel to meet us, unless you would like to. The choice is yours, and we are always happy to meet families in person when they come to visit.

You are welcome anytime to come to our center and meet our staff, simply call us at (530) 271-1740 to schedule an appointment with our adoption professionals in our California office. If you’d like to schedule an appointment in our Florida office, please call us at (727) 493-0933. Some adoptive families like to visit if they are in the area on vacation, business, or live near our California or Florida offices.

Often we are able to meet our families when they come to pick up their child if the adoption is in California or Florida. This is always an exciting time for our staff!

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