What is a home study?

Adoption home study
The adoption home study is a written report required by each state for every type of adoption. Its purpose is to satisfy the courts that an infant or child is being placed into a suitable and safe home environment.

The adoption home study process is conducted by a trained social worker over two or three meetings, and at least one meeting must take place in the home. Home studies can be conducted by your state adoption division or by a private social worker or agency licensed in your state.

A typical home study (which is really a people study) may require information that is very personal, regarding your employment, finances, health and medical history, insurance coverage, and any criminal background. A successful home study typically requires references and the social worker’s recommendation.

Each home study must meet the general requirements as prescribed by your state’s adoption laws. The time it takes to complete a home study may vary from state to state and between the organizations conducting the study. On average, the home study process takes three to six months to complete, and in most states completion is required prior to child placement in the adoptive home.

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