What is the procedure to be presented to a birth mother through Lifetime?

Adoptive couple ready for birth mother situations
As soon as you are contracted with Lifetime, you are available for any situation that matches your criteria. You will be visible to a large number of prospective birth parents, generally in their fifth to seventh month of pregnancy.

Our adoptive parents are prepared to be presented to all prospective birth mothers we are working with. All we ask is that adoptive parents keep us stocked with plenty of profiles so that we can present you to those situations that meet your preferences.

If the child is already born, you will be able to speak to the birth parent as soon as we have the required paperwork from the birth parent or guardian. We will present the birth parent with every family that matches her preferences. If a birth parent is interested in speaking to you or meeting, we will call you with background information. If you choose to go forward, we will arrange a meeting or phone call between you and the birth parents.

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