When a birthmother requests families be sent to her…

How is it determined what families she receives?

Birth mom reviews adoptive family profiles
When we speak with a birth mother for the first time, we discuss the type of family she is looking for. Some birth mothers have very specific preferences, others may have more general requests. Lifetime presents the birth mother with the profile of each family that matches her preferences. Some birth mothers receive 3 profiles, while others may get 30 or more.

We do our best to honor birth mother requests when presenting families. We’ve found that they will often be more comfortable and confident in regards to their adoption plan when they have found just the right family they are seeking.

Often a birth mother will request us to send her a larger variety of families to select from. At that point, we would ask her to reassess her preferences, so that we can be sure to send her only those profiles of families that she is open to placing with.

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