Will birth parents consider a family outside of their area?

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Yes. We have women and men considering adoption that would prefer a family not in their state. They may not want contact or may only want limited contact after placement. Some birth parents are interested in only a family with similar interests and have not found that in the area they live in. For example, a birth mother searching for a family of the same faith with less than one child and pets may find the exact match two states away. The Internet and our sites are perfect for finding the right match for their child.

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“Hello Heidi! Well, we’ve been home with our sweet daughter for about 2 and half months now. Can’t believe how fast time flies! We are adjusting to our new life pretty well! Our daughter is thriving. She is happy and healthy. She is 11 weeks old today! She’s smiling and cooing, and growing like a weed. She loves going to church and really enjoys the worship music! Everyone at church comments on what a good baby she is. She loves it when we sing to her and one of her favorite places to be is sitting on her Daddy’s lap! She just had her first visit to Disney World last weekend! She even got to go on a couple of rides and really seemed to enjoy herself! I’ve been back to work for almost a month now. I definitely hate leaving her every day, but my mother has been caring for her during the day while Justin and I work, so that has made it a bit easier to leave her. We are so blessed and thankful to God and our daughter’s birth parents for placing her in our lives. She is our greatest joy.
As far as our adoption story goes, we are shocked at how short our wait was in the grand scheme of things! Because of Justin’s blindness, we had prepared ourselves to wait for more than 2 years. We knew that some birth mothers might be hesitant to place with someone who had a “disability”. But we did our best through our web page, video, and profile book to help them see what an amazing man Justin is, and what a wonderful father he would be. God did such a work because Harper came into our lives just under a year after we signed up with Lifetime!
When I got the call from Linda that there was a child for us, it took everything I had not to begin sobbing on the phone! I knew we were going to have a lot to do in a short amount of time, and I couldn’t let myself break down. Like a whirlwind, we were on a plane headed to North Carolina within a few hours of getting the call. Of course, a major snow storm hit the area that we were traveling to! So I had to drive in whiteout conditions from the airport to the hospital, which was about a 2 hour drive. I know that we would not have made it if the Holy Spirit hadn’t given me peace and kept me calm, and I’m sure there were angels all around that rental car! When we got to the hospital, I drove the car into a ditch thinking I was pulling into a driveway! But thank God we were right outside the hospital and were able to leave the car there and head inside to meet our precious baby girl! We met our precious daughter when she was 28 hours old. I didn’t know what to expect. Would I feel like just a caregiver? Would I feel connected to her right away? Would she connect with me? But the minute they wheeled in her bassinet and I looked into her face, all my fears melted away and I knew I was her mother and she was my girl. I’ve always heard about this intense love that parents have for their children. But you never really understand it until you’ve experienced it. That night, exhausted and overwhelmed with how much life had changed in an instant, I looked into her eyes and I knew I would do anything, even give my life, to protect this child and give her the best life possible. I have never felt so much love for another person as I felt in that moment, and still feel, for this precious girl. And I know that Justin feels the same.
We are so thankful that God lead us to Lifetime. Everyone there, especially Linda, have been amazing, helpful, and supportive. Thank you!!”

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