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Are you considering adopting? There is a baby for you! Have you thought about adopting a child but don’t know where to start? Lifetime Adoption holds free informational adoption webinars to help families learn more about how they can be blessed through adoption.
We’re excited to bring you exclusive information on Lifetime’s adoption program in a webinar format, which means you can easily attend ONLINE for free, right from your home or office. These adoption webinars will help you learn all about adopting in order to make the best adoption decisions for building your family through the miracle of Christian adoption.
Sign up for upcoming webinars or subscribe to be the first to know about future live webinar events at Contact us if you have any questions. During these adoption webinars, you will hear from the Lifetime’s team adoption experts who are happy to answer your adoption questions. Simply click on the title of the webinar to tune in!

Newborn Adoption Q&A WebinarMother kisses her young adopted son

At Lifetime, we encourage adopting parents to learn as much as possible, to prepare for a smooth and safe adoption process, for all involved. During this live webinar we covered some of the basics, like home studies, age requirements, and types of adoption, as well as other topics such as what birth mothers are looking for when they call Lifetime, how Lifetime supports the individuals we serve, attorney referrals, and more.

This was a fast-paced webinar with lots of great questions from our audience of hopeful adoptive parents! If you’re just starting to consider adoption or research a path for your family’s future through adoption, this webinar is a great starting point.

Ask an Adoption Expert webinarAsk an Adoption Expert | Lifetime’s Q&A for Future Adoptive Parents

When it comes to adopting a baby, there’s a lot to learn! One of the best ways to prepare for your own path to adoption is to make sure you get answers from experts who daily work with the type of adoption you’re pursuing.

In this webinar, Lifetime’s seasoned experts answered questions about what open adoption looks like, who a typical birth mother is, and what birth mothers are looking for when they browse profiles. We also shared about Lifetime’s program, including how it started, our services for both families and birth mothers, and how we walk each step of the way with adoptive families.

Adoptive families find success in domestic infant adoption with Lifetime Adoption

Adoption Questions? Lifetime is Happy to Help!

Request a private, one-on-one adoption consultation with our staff. We will tailor your complementary adoption consultation to your specific adoption needs and questions. Call Lifetime Adoption at (727) 493-0933 to arrange your complementary adoption consultation. Click here to fill out a free adoption application.


What Other Adoptive Parents Are Saying:

“It was very beneficial to hear from the staff…I found all the adoption information very helpful and insightful. A very moving experience for me–and this is only the beginning!”

“We found this webinar to very informative. All of the adoption information you covered was of value to us.”
Gerald and Stacy

“I loved the adoption financing webinar tonight. I feel like I CAN afford adoption now!”

“That was an hour very well spent. Reflections through the past 10 years brought laughter and tears, ah-ha moments and ‘oh my God, you too’ feelings.”
Warm regards,
Kevin and Sarah

“I just got the opportunity to listen to the adoptive mother Tammy in the webinar link you provided, thank you. I really enjoyed hearing everything Tammy had to say as well as her being so forthcoming with her experiences throughout the process with her son’s birthmother. Listening to Tammy provide information on her adoption experiences with Lifetime made me feel very confident that I made the right decision in seeking you out to start my family. Listening to the adoption teleconference gave me relief that it can be a very positive and joyous experience for everyone involved. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to listen in on one o your adoptive family’s stories!”

“I am glad I was able to participate on Tuesday’s adoption webinar – it was very informative and I recognized her sentiments from the book Called to Adoption. I’ve also been communicating with several of the families listed on the references. It’s been very helpful and reassuring towards our decision to trust our adoption with Lifetime.”

“This webinar was very informative and useful. What a great staff! You all have a wonderful way of making people feel supported and understood. We love that you are willing to contine this attitude through the adoption process. Thank you!”
Don and Monica

“I appreciate that we can attend in the evenings and from home. Other adoption agencies wanted us to come to weekend sessions (that they charge for too!) and with our work schedules, Lifetime is much easier for us. And we love that the adoption information is free!”
Dave and Shayla

“I really think in terms of the transitional shift from biological pregnancy versus adoption, it’s good to have this type of interaction. I know for me personally, I don’t want to feel like I am on an island by myself. Part of our human experience is that we want to share and feel like we are not alone in this. It gives us hope that others have been through this and are going through this. The adoption webinars open your eyes to questions you didn’t know you probably should be thinking about.”

“After attending one of your adoption webinars. I have a great feeling about Lifetime Adoption. Thank you for doing this!”

“We LOVE your adoption information webinars! They are not only very informative but encouraging!”

“Lifetime’s adoption information webinars prepared me to adopt. Thank you!”

“Thank you or all the free adoption information you share in your adoption webinars. They are a valuable tool for any couples looking at adoption.”

“Your free adoption webinars are fantastic, we even told our home study provider about them.”
Jim and Julie

“My hubby and I are so excited! We just didn’t know where to begin and your webinars have truly helped us make the decision to work with Lifetime Adoption. The Mother’s Day webinar was truly powerful! Thank you for putting together such informative presentations.”

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