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Military adoption is more common than many people think. Lifetime Adoption has had the privilege of helping hundreds of active-duty military couples add to their family through adoption. We are honored to support and grow military families through adoption. Lifetime can help you achieve your dreams of parenthood, no matter where you’re stationed around the world. You can adopt a baby, even if your spouse is serving overseas.
We want to thank the men and women who serve and protect us in the military! Lifetime provides a discount for military adoption to show our gratitude for your service to the country.
Working with military families comes with special considerations. However, our staff is fully equipped to address any situations that might arise. Below, you’ll find a multitude of helpful military resources about infant adoption. You’ll also get tips and frequently asked questions for military families!

Frequently Asked Questions About Military Adoption

Can we still adopt if my spouse gets deployed?
Yes! The adoption process won’t be interrupted by the deployment of a spouse. What you’ll need to do is have your spouse grant you power of attorney. Doing so grants you permission to sign the legal papers associated with your adoption.
What if we’re transferred to another state?
Actually, it’s common for both military and civilian adoptive couples to move out of state during the adoption process. If you happen to be transferred, you’ll need to apply for a new home study or get your present home study updated.
It’s important to make sure that your home study is fully updated because it’s an adoption requirement. With that said, know that each state has their own laws surrounding adoption. It’s best to keep your Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime in the loop. Once your home study is updated or re-done, your adoption process will continue as usual.
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Do women ever choose military couples to adopt their baby?
We’ve noticed that many birth mothers are attracted to the qualities that military adoptive couples possess. Military couples have several of the characteristics that birth mothers hope for in adoptive parents, such as access to excellent healthcare, a stable income, and a diverse community.
Plus, military couples typically have excellent communication skills, are willing to follow our program’s recommended steps, and hold a high level of adoption readiness. A birth mother could call us at any time, expressing interest in speaking with you. We’ve found that most military couples are accustomed to living life “at the ready,” which adds to their success with Lifetime Adoption. We have heard from birth mothers who are in the military themselves or were raised with one parent in the military, that this type of family is what they want for their child.
What if we are unavailable while moving or have to get a whole new home study at our new location?
Lifetime Adoption has provided the option to put your contract on hold for circumstances such as these. Lifetime’s Founder, Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., began offering a hold period during Desert Storm in the 1990’s. Suddenly, we had military personnel deploying after we had not for many years. Lifetime Adoption is pleased to continue to offer the hold option for military families as they move!

Benefits and Resources for Military Adoptive Families

Family Service Centers
Located on all major military installations, the Family Service Center can provide you with information and services about the different military adoption benefits available.
Extension of Assignments or Deployment Deferments
Since Lifetime Adoption works nationwide, your baby could be born in any state. Chances are that you’ll need to travel to meet your newborn baby boy or girl. Before you can go home with your new baby, you’re required to wait in the birth mother’s state for ICPC to clear. The acronym “ICPC” stands for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. It exists to assure for the safety of adoption placements of children over state lines.
If you must wait in the birth mother’s state due to ICPC, consider requesting a deployment deferment or an extension of assignment. Per DoD Instruction 1341.9, commanders are advised to approve requests for ordinary leave once you welcome your baby home. One spouse should get a four-month assignment and deployment deferment right after your baby comes home, according to the instruction.
Military adoptive momMedical Care for Military Adoptive Families
Healthcare is accessible for all military families at military treatment facilities. If you cannot obtain care at your military installation, TRICARE can provide health care benefits at a civilian medical facility.
After your adopted child is enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), he or she will be eligible for medical benefits. You can obtain more information by calling DEERS at 1-800-538-9552.
The patient affairs personnel at your medical treatment facility might also have information for you. For specific details on eligibility and access, call the DoD Worldwide TRICARE Information Center at 1-888-363-2273 or visit the TRICARE website.
Adoption Reimbursement Program
The US Department of Defense has developed an adoption reimbursement program for qualified military families. The Adoption Reimbursement Program covers medical expenses and other fees associated with adopting a child. To find out more about this program, please contact your personnel support unit or visit the National Military Family Association’s website.
One your child’s adoption is finalized, you may qualify for an adoption reimbursement benefit of up to $2,000 per adopted child. For more details about this employer benefit, check with your administrative department.
Tax Benefit for Adoptive Parents
As you do financial planning for your adoption, keep in mind that there is a Federal Adoption Tax credit available. With this tax credit, the cost of adoption becomes more affordable. Visit the Internal Revenue Service’s website to learn more.


Lifetime is here to assist you through the military adoption process. There’s no need to delay your dreams of having a family because you’re active duty. Military men and women make excellent parents, and Lifetime wants to see your dreams come true!

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We’d love to learn about your adoption goals and military circumstances so that we can create an adoption plan to meet your needs!
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