What to Expect With a Lifetime Adoption

expect a Lifetime Adoption
Many feel overwhelmed as they attempt to find the right adoption professional to help them adopt. Among other tasks, it’s wise to browse the professional’s website, check their Better Business Bureau rating, and speak on the phone to a representative from their company.
To simplify your adoption research, we’re sharing what you can expect with a Lifetime adoption. Learn about Lifetime Adoption’s ratings, reputation, professionals, and our Founder!

You may have been drawn to Lifetime from our notoriety. Lifetime Adoption’s Founder, Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. is a recognized expert on adoption and has helped thousands build their families through adoption. She’s often featured in the media sharing her adoption knowledge. Mardie’s media appearances include CNN, FOX, Larry King, Ricki Lake, and the Today Show!
Or maybe what attracts you to Lifetime is our staff? Lifetime’s team includes specialized adoption coordinators, all of whom are highly qualified and trained in a variety of skill sets. Many appreciate that our staff are courteous and compassionate, and always available by phone, text or email.
Was it our numbers and ratings that piqued your interest? On average, Lifetime completes 130 adoptions a year. We have a birth mother reclaim rate of less than 5%. And we work nationwide; 85% of Lifetime’s adoptions take place outside California. Lifetime can offer more choices than local adoption agencies because we network and advertise in every state. This allows us to not only become more effective at bringing birth mothers and adoptive couples together, but it also allows to offer customized adoptions.
Could it be the attention and care given to our birth mothers? Lifetime completes a comprehensive intake on every woman who contacts our offices. We provide her with individualized care, tailored to her specific situation. Lifetime connects birth mothers to a licensed, third-party counselor, to help her cope with the difficult decision of adoption. We also help birth parents create an adoption plan for their baby following their needs and wishes. Birth mothers can reach Lifetime any time of the day or night by calling our toll-free, 24-hour hotline. They never get an answering machine, but can instead speak to a member of Lifetime’s caring staff. Because of the care and attention we provide birth mothers, Lifetime has a low reclaim rate. When a woman can make a fully-informed, well thought out decision about adoption, she is less likely to reclaim.
You can expect this and more when you adopt through Lifetime:

  • High-quality, unique educational adoption webinars each month.
  • Your own Adoption Coordinator, dedicated to your adoption.
  • A private members-only website with a wealth of relevant content.
  • The option to freeze your contract in the event of an emergency. Many couples have appreciated having this option available when they get pregnant!
  • High-end cyber security and physical security. Inquiries made by potential birth mothers are always thoroughly screened. Also, we carefully assess all applicants, because we want to make sure we can help you adopt.
  • Referrals to highly-qualified professionals for legal representation and the adoption home study.

But where we’re unique, and what we take the most pride in, are the relationships with, and the attention we provide each birth mother and adoptive parent. That’s Lifetime’s focus and specialty. We continue to provide support and guidance even after the adoption placement. That because our adoptions and families are for a Lifetime!

Let us help you adopt a baby! Take the first step today by completing our free online application.