viewing_adoptive_family_profiles.jpgMany adoptive parents struggle with creating an adoption profile. It’s hard to know exactly what a birth mother would want to know about you and still feel like you’re humble and grateful for the opportunity to connect with her through those few pages!

After all, we live in a time where everyone shares everything with just about anyone, yet frowns on “TMI.” There is a balance to strike when it comes to your adoption profile, and it is possible to present yourself without bragging about your life or begging for her sympathies.

Remember women who are thinking about adoption want to learn about you! For many birth mothers, the deciding factor for her, when she was thinking about adoption, was finding the RIGHT adoptive family for her child.

Here’s our list of 4 things your profile should always do:

  1. Introduce yourself; invite her to her to learn about you and your life, beyond just a “handshake introduction.” Share about why you’re hoping to adopt, where you live, and vital info about yourselves such as what you do for a living. It’s also nice to share about your favorite hobbies. You never know, your love of scrapbooking might be something that a birth mother is also interested in, and allow her to feel a connection with you.
  2. Express interest in her and room for her child in your life. Remember, it’s not all about you and your need/desire for a baby.
  3. Create adoption awareness by sharing that you’re helping her to learn as much as she can about open adoption. It’s important to share how much future contact you’re open to with her, and be honest.  
  4. Invite her to learn more at the end of your profile. This invitation leaves her wanting to learn more! Tell her how she can talk or message with you, as well as how she can get more information about you.
Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption