discover how you can adopt a babyYou know all those questions about how to adopt a baby that come to mind while you work, run errands, or wind down at bedtime?  Those are the adoption questions that Lifetime helped answer at a free adoption webinar we hosted last week. 

You can tune into a recording of this webinar by following the link in the next paragraph. In the recording, you’ll hear answers from adoption experts to the most commonly-asked questions couples have about domestic adoption. Get the tips and direction you need to realize your dreams of adopting a baby into your family.

If couldn’t attend Lifetime’s webinar last week, you can now tune in online! Just follow this link: Adoption Q&A -October 27, 2016

Lifetime’s Adoption Q&A webinars are always informative and encouraging. You’ll get answers you need to your adoption questions and learn from the questions other adoptive parents ask as well.

There are many topics and questions that come up for people hoping to adopt, and every Adoption Q&A offers a chance to learn about a variety of information any adoptive parents will need to know.  

In this Q&A webinar, we discuss many adoption topics, including:

  • Traveling for adoption
  • Flying home with your baby
  • How to make adoptive breastfeeding possible
  • What “ready to adopt” looks like
  • The adoption home study
  • What birth mothers seek in adoptive couples
  • Keeping your expectations reasonable as you wait for your adoption match

You can listen to this Q&A webinar over on AdoptionWebinar.com. To hear it, you’ll first need to subscribe. By subscribing at AdoptionWebinar.com, we’ll let you know future webinars, and grant you access to past webinar recordings. It’s free to subscribe and very easy to do! 

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