can we adopt a baby without the Internet?Question: My husband and I live in a very remote, rural area and can’t get Internet service at our house. We have to travel to the nearest library which is 45 minutes away to access the Internet. Is it possible to adopt a baby without using the Internet?

Answer: It’s becoming more challenging for families to adopt a baby without Internet access. Even if you don’t have Internet access in your home (such as with Wi-Fi) your mobile device likely has access to the Internet through your data plan. *Internet expenses may actually save you money and time, especially if you have a limited mobile data plan or restricted access at your office, public library, or coffee shop.

Home study providers and adoption professionals will need to contact you using all means of communication. This includes email, text, and sometimes even social media (such as Facebook and Instagram).

Potential birth mothers ARE online, which means even if you do not want to spend a lot of time online, she will most likely look for you there anyway. So that you can make your adoption dream obtainable, you should plan on making the most of every opportunity to be found by the right birth mother.

After you’ve adopted and have agreed upon future contact, you’ll need Internet as well. Your child’s birth mother will probably prefer to have contact with you beyond a phone call or postal mail. Most of the birth mothers that Lifetime works with enjoy seeing updates on their child on sites like Facebook and Instagram, as well as emailed to them.

Also, think ahead: you may prefer to avoid a bill for Internet access at home, however, it will come in very handy once you have a newborn or small child in your life. Many pediatricians and doctors prefer to confirm appointments using email, or even share medical documents back and forth through their secure website or your email.

In addition, having access to the Internet at any time is helpful for new parents. These days, you can avoid costly trips to urgent care after office hours by chatting online with a doctor through your insurance. You can also use the Internet to search for the latest baby gear or supplies. Many times, ordering online is easier (and cheaper!) than hauling your baby out to big shopping centers.

Plus, even as young as pre-school, teachers and daycare workers are now using methods other than phone calls to communicate. As your child grows they may even be required to have access to school websites where their homework, testing, and materials are located for them to complete their grade level. It’s best to become familiar with the Internet now, learn about security and privacy controls while your child is immobile, and grow along with progress rather than have to catch up when your child knows online activity better than you do.

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