couple praying together at mealtimeLifetime Adoption’s Founder Mardie Caldwell is a nationally-recognized adoption expert and an adoptive mother. This adoption question and answer was excerpted from her most recent adoption book, Called to Adoption:

Question: During the journey and wait of adoption, what is the single most important thing Christian families can do?

Answer: When I was in the process of adoption, the power of prayer was undeniable. Each and every step of the way, I knew the Lord was walking with me. We often need a reminder, and I found that having a prayer bracelet around my wrist helped in my faith and hope of adoption we all need and want.

After I adopted, I designed an adoption prayer bracelet to encourage families in their adoption journey. They are daily reminders to pray for the child God has for us specifically and that we long for through adoption. My prayer is that by your act of faith, your dreams will come true, too.

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