_MG_7372If you’re thinking about adopting a baby to start or grow your family, chances are you’re curious about what types of adoption situations are out there. It helps to read about the different adoption situations and babies available for adoption that an adoption company has.

Lifetime is currently working with the following birth mothers seeking adoptive parents ready to adopt a newborn:

We’re searching for an adoptive family to adopt a baby who will be bi-racial (Caucasian/African American). The baby’s birth mother is due in February and is hoping to place with an infertile family who are loving and caring. She is looking for a financially stable couple who will give her child everything he/she needs. The birth mother is also seeking an open adoption.

Lifetime is also looking for adoptive parents for a Caucasian baby boy due in December. His birth mother would like to make an open adoption plan with a married adoptive family that is college educated. She also prefers that the adoptive mother is a stay-at-home mom.

Lastly, we’re currently assisting a Caucasian birth mother who is due in January. She’s in need of financial assistance during her pregnancy. She is looking for a loving family that can provide for her child and to offer him/her unconditional love. The birth mother would like an open adoption to include annual visits. She will start her prenatal care very soon.

The first step to introduce you to birth parents like these ones is to fill out Lifetime’s FREE online application to adopt. If you would like to find out what steps you can take towards adopting, and prepare for parenthood, complete the online application or call 1-800-923-6784 for more info.


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