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Lifetime’s Founder and CEO Mardie Caldwell is also an adoptive mother herself. Among many other roles, Mardie is an author, adoption expert, business coach, and Certified Open Adoption Practitioner.

She’s shared that she feels her role as an adoptive mother is the most important! The journey that led Mardie to adopt her son around 30 years ago was life-changing, and she often shares through her testimony.

Keep scrolling to read her prayer to hopeful adoptive parents!

I remember the prayer that helped as I waited to become a mother through adoption. I hope it will help you too. For me I had to put it in a place where I’d see it every day. Prayer helps, never stop praying for your adoption. I would pray:

Lord, control my thoughts and remind me to turn to You when things seem too difficult on my own.
Help me to be patient while I wait.
Keep my eyes, my heart, and mind wide open to all that You are doing in my life now.
Give me energy & strength today, Lord.
Help me focus and be calm in Your peace.
Remind me there will be enough time and resources to do what I need to do.
Remind me to breathe deeply and to also enjoy my day.
It’s only in Your grace & time that I will discover why You’ve put me on this path.
I trust Your lead, Lord. Amen

Mardie has designed gorgeous adoption jewelry aimed at reminding us to keep praying for adoption. They’re called Adoption Prayer Bracelets, and they’re available in three unique styles. You can purchase one for yourself and one for your prayer partner! Proceeds from the purchase of each bracelet go the Lifetime Adoption Foundation. The non-profit organization helps assists women who are considering adoption with needed essentials and also grants birth mother scholarships. To view styles and buy a bracelet, visit AdoptionPrayerBracelet.com!


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