In order to finance your adoption, it’s smart to start saving money right away. Here are seven quick tips to help you save the funds you’ll need to adopt a baby or child:

  1. Dine out less often. When you do, use coupons or order daily specials when at all possible. Restaurant.com is a wonderful resource for restaurant deals and coupons.
  2. Don’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry
  3. Look into getting a membership at a big box store (like Sam’s Club or Costco) and decide if the membership price is worth the deals on food and other items.
  4. Find the best thrift stores in your area and stop by often. It’s smart to make a list of items and sizes you will need in the future. Some thrift stores have special sale days or racks. These stores also usually have furniture, home decor, toys and videos for sale.
  5. Shop yard sales; people price their clothing to sell and it’s often new or barely used. Examine each item to make sure zippers and buttons work and there aren’t any stains. Sellers are usually flexible on their prices.
  6. Use a drugstore rewards program to be rewarded “dollars” for buying certain items, with the “dollars” to be used at a future purchase.
  7. Browse Craigslist; it’s a great resource to help you buy and sell everything from furniture to cars to services. On Craigslist, it’s important to check it often on those categories that you’re most interested in.

Have you heard of any smart money-saving ideas that aren’t on our list? Please share them in the comments box, below!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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