Mary and Craig contacted us after years of unsuccessful fertility treatments and four late-term miscarriages. The couple was desperate to start a family, but they were concerned about their age (fortyish). We quickly put their minds at ease. In many open adoptions, one or both of the parents is over forty.

Within five months, Mary and Craig welcomed home little Lauren Rose. All the worries and doubts about age just melted away. Today, people’s health is better and families are active longer. Age is not an issue like it might have been twenty years ago.

Little Lauren is the light of her parent’s universe and her bright green eyes demand attention. The family wants to continue their blessing by adding a new little brother or sister to the mix. Mary and Craig are excited and ready to build their family once again through Lifetime Adoption Center.

This time they are more confident and understanding of the process. They no longer worry that 40-something will be thought of as old. Their adoption coordinator is already working tirelessly on their behalf. We are excited to see what is next for their family as they begin their open adoption journey once again.

Are you and your spouse a 40-something? No problem! After all, forty is the new thirty… or was it the new twenty? I lose track. The point is age is just a number. Can you run to the mailbox and back? Can you easily climb a flight of stairs? Can you throw a football? If you answered yes to these questions, then you too can be a parent.

If you and your spouse have a longing to adopt, believe in your calling. There is a baby meant for you! Please contact us so we can welcome you into the Lifetime Adoption family. Being a mother or father is going to be the most wonderful and transforming experience of your life.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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