Dear Mardie,
I am just getting started in the adoption process and want to ask you to explain what an adoption home study involves. I have heard about a home study report; what does this involve?
Thank you.
Hailey in Texas

Dear Hailey,
An adoption home study is really a “people study,” focused more on you as prospective adoptive parents than the physical home you live in. With that said, your home will be visited and inspected. The depth of this inspection depends on the home study provider. The home study report involves a detailed written description about the prospective adoptive family, including their life experiences, family life and upbringing, home, health, lifestyle, values and beliefs, and interests. It may also cover family support systems, adoption and parenting style, and preparation for adoption. A home study includes a complete background check for all the adults living in the home. This normally includes an FBI and/or state fingerprint check.

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