happy adoptive parents show off their newly adopted babyWe recently received this open adoption story from Lifetime adoptive family Josh and Laci and wanted to share it with you here. We love hearing how open adoption changes a family by more than just adding a child!

“Hi everyone at Lifetime!

We are having an absolute blast being Brendan’s parents. I can’t believe he’s almost two months old already! He is getting too big for his newborn outfits now, so it’s sad to have to pack those away already, but it’s worth it seeing him grow and change each day. He just started smiling a LOT and doing these cute little “laughs” where he inhales quickly. He’s such a happy little guy, with hilarious expressions! He loves staring at faces and when we talk nonsense to him, and is also a big fan of Celtic music (unless bagpipes come on…he apparently hates those!). He’s honestly the most mellow and happy baby I’ve ever seen…”

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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