Some potential birth mothers are set with health insurance and secure financially. Many are not. In 43 of the 50 states, adoptive parents can assist the birth mothers with critical expenses during their pregnancy and birth experience. It is always important to check with your adoption attorney to confirm the laws in your state regarding this sensitive issue. Here is a list of some possible acceptable expenses:

1. Foodpregnant woman's belly

2. Rent

3. Phone

4. Maternity Clothes

5. Utilities

7. Transportation by Bus or Cab

8. Pregnancy Related Medical Care

Not every birth mother asks for expenses and the need can vary widely. In the early stages of your match, you will find out what is expected from you and whether you can accommodate the potential birth mother’s needs. Check with your adoption coordinator if you have any concerns or questions. She will let you know if something “doesn’t sound right”.

Remember, you do not want to deny any care to your birth mother that would keep her from having a healthy baby. Treat the potential birth mother with care and nurturing. She is a blessing to your family! This wonderful woman is carrying and giving birth to your child. Show her that you understand the magnitude of that sacrifice. God bless birth moms!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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