• A single birth mom from Virginia recently contacted us who is due in April and is looking to place her baby with parents who have a strong family foundation and are willing to put their children first, no matter what life brings. A family that is financially secure with a love for large family gatherings and activities would be ideal.
  • A young couple in their 20’s or 30’s is desired by this birth mom from Florida. She is wanting a family with children so as her daughter will have siblings. A family who is financially secure and stable with lots of love and fun to offer.
  • This birth mother has received regular prenatal care, however she has had some substance exposure during the pregnancy. She is hoping to continue making her adoption plan while working full time. Finding warm and loving parents are key to this birth mom’s preferences. She is also hoping for an open adoption that will include regular updates through pictures and letters.


Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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