It helps to think of adoption in the same perspective as other financial investments. For instance, a couple may buy a new boat on credit, but are hesitant to finance an adoption. They may need to ask themselves, “What is my priority right now?” Is it a boat for occasional summer weekends or a family for a lifetime?


This is where it’s time to get serious and get creative about what you want and how to get there. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Do you get a latte and bagel every morning? Some people spend $6 a morning on something they could do at home for under $1. That savings of $5 a day amounts to over $1,200 per year! And if both husband and wife make that change, it’s over $2,400 savings annually!
  • Similarly, are you dining out for lunch? Whether it’s the bargain menu at fast food or a sit-down restaurant, is there money you could save at lunch time and put toward an adoption? And what about dinners out? If it’s more than twice a week, there’s likely some savings that could happen there, too. This could be thousands of dollars!
  • Look around your house and your garage. Do you have things that could be treasures to someone else? Is it time to cut the clutter? Consider a garage sale for fundraising. Ask a couple friends to contribute, too. A good garage sale can net over $1,000 in a day! And don’t limit it to just one sale, ask a few other friends and have another one. Offer to help them clean out their garage or cupboards in exchange for the stuff they opt to get rid of and sell.

Please stay tuned on our blog for part 2 with even more adoption financing tips!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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