Regardless of the type of professional you are hiring, there are some essential questions to ask before committing to anyone. Most of these questions apply to both the hiring of attorneys, qualified adoption facilitators, social workers and private agencies.

The book AdoptingOnline.com, provides a lot of information for families beginning their adoption journey. Lifetime Adoption Center has helped thousands of families grow through adoption.

Here are a list of questions from the book that you need to ask an adoption professional as you start your search for a professional who will become your partner in building your family through adoption:


1. How did you first become involved with adoption?

2. How long have you been in the adoption profession?

3. What services do you provide, both for adoptive parents and for birth parents?

4. What services don’t you provide?

5. What are your fees?

6. Do you have a formal contract?

7. Depending on the type of service that is offered, are you licensed, bonded, or certified?

8. What is your success rate and in what time frame can the average family expect to wait to adopt?

9. Remember, the best tools you will use while conducting your adoption research are the notes and files you will keep during your search. Your files should include all the information, literature and notes you have obtained on the professional you are considering. Keep a list of dates and the people you speak to.


• Be wise, take notes and ask questions. You too can adopt successfully!
• Visit Let’s Talk Adoption for audio interviews about all areas of adoption .


• Always check with the Better Business Bureau or your state licensing organization.

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