HurricaneThe mid-Atlantic coast is bracing itself for Hurricane Sandy. Forecaster , Jim Cisco from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has coined it “Frankenstorm”. There is a great possibility that two storms will merge into one mega storm and wreak havoc along the whole of the eastern United States. Experts believe this may be the worst hurricane to hit land in one hundred years!

Many are choosing not to evacuate. Some are on the edge of the coming storm, but do not need to leave their homes. A few crazy surfers are venturing out to take on the massive waves. No matter what your situation, it is important to be prepared! You might get lucky with just a few raindrops or pummeled by the fiercest storm you have ever experienced.

Take action now to protect yourself and your family from the worst of the fall and winter weather. Experts are cautioning, we could expect 10 inches of rain in coastal cities, wave surges, flooding and two feet of snow in higher elevations. They are warning of power outages that could affect millions. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Buy a portable radio to give you the latest emergency information, should the electrical grid go down.
  • Keep emergency and family phone numbers posted in a visible place in your home. You do not want to dig around in the middle of a panic.
  • Keep a charged cell phone handy.
  • Buy flashlights, bottled water, food, local maps and a first aid kit.
  • Keep sleeping bags/blankets “just in case”.
  • Keep one car full of gas and ready to go. There might be a last minute evacuation.
  • Know how to turn off the gas main to your home.
  • Know how to turn off the water main to your home.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Are there any elderly or disabled? Will they need your help in an emergency?
  • Have light weight plywood and screws to cover windows (if needed).
  • Have a plan to protect your pets and livestock.

You never know when Mother Nature is going to throw you a curve ball. Have a plan in place, just in case. Know what you would do in an emergency. Your family is too important to put at risk. Get the items you need and make sure your family knows what to do if disaster strikes. We are only in October and winter is swiftly approaching. Don’t wait to take action.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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