One of the greatest joys that come with experiencing parenthood is seeing the world through the eyes of wonder. For young children, each new day is a gift. Every new experience is magical. God wants us to live in the world like our children do: with wonderful amazement.

Do you remember singing the song Jesus Loves the Little Children when you were young? It was written by George Fredrick Root in 1864. Most of us can sing the refrain, but did you know that there is much more to this children’s hymn? Here is the last line of the song.

I am coming, Lord, to Thee,

And Your Soldier I will be,

For You love the little children of the world;

And Your cross I’ll always bear,

And for You I’ll do and dare,

For You love the little children of the world.

Faith flows naturally into children. There is no place for doubt or skepticism. This type of spiritual confidence is what our Heavenly Father longs for. Being a parent for the first time opens our eyes to breathtaking happiness. Nothing can compare to the face of a child with eyes bright at a new discovery. They squeal with glee and race into life at full force.

God wants us to run to Him without reservation or hesitancy. He wants us to trust in Him and follow Him without a hardness of heart. Our Savior gives us the precious gift of children, in part, to teach us the way in which we are to embrace life. Have you ever watched a baby taste ice cream for the first time? Have you ever shown a little child their first Christmas tree? Do you know what it feels like to dip your child’s toes in the icy ocean waters and have them shout for joy? A whole world of precious wonders is about to be opened to you. It serves us well to love the little children in response to Jesus’ example. They will show us how to inherit the kingdom of God, if we will only let them.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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