Are you considering adoption and would like to find just the right adoptive family for your child? Please call us at 1-800-923-6784. We would be happy to send you free information about adoption and choosing a family as well as assistance and resources for your pregnancy needs.

  • Due in April and looking for a married couple who reside in California. This young woman is interested in visits once or twice a year. She doesn’t mind if there are children in the home. She values education and faith and wants a couple who can provide financial and emotional support for her baby.
  • This soon-to-be mother would like an open adoption to include letters, pictures and visits annually. She is looking for a Catholic family that will love her baby girl as their own. She has the support of her family and friends for her adoption plans.
  • Single mother of 2 is looking for a loving, married couple who are open to visits to raise her bi-racial baby boy, arriving in March. Regular updates through pictures and letters is also desired. She is getting regular prenatal care and will need help with her expenses.
  • Hispanic birth mother interested in learning more about adoptive families would like a married couple who have not had children before. She would like education to be important in a stable loving home. She would like to have contact with photos and a visit twice a year.

If you are are interested in becoming a Lifetime Adoptive Family, please fill out a free application as your first step.

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