Are you an adoptive family waiting to be chosen? Check out Todd and Michelle’s adoption story for encouragement and some tips on handling the wait:

“Dear Dee, Libby, Diane & all our “Lifetime Angels”,

We are thrilled to finally get to share our adoption story…when we got OUR life-changing phone call from Diane, she had news of a birthmom to share with us; we could not believe our ears. We had been waiting for two years to get such a call!

Here is look at our whirlwind December. On a Monday afternoon we spoke for the first time. We were “matched” that evening! What an amazing Christmas gift; our baby was due on the 22nd of December. However, as it turns out, our baby girl was anxious to meet the world. I got a call from Diane on the 8th, that our birthmom was in labor and she requested that we go to the hospital. WOW! I made about 100 phone calls, threw baby gear and some clothes in a suitcase and we were on the road 30 minutes later. We arrived at the hospital two hours later and were able to meet our birthmother and get to know her a little bit (my husband never did speak with her over the phone).

At 3:51 pm, our beautiful daughter, Georgia Shay was born into the world weighing eight pounds, three ounces, measuring 20 1/2″. We were told that our birthmother would like a couple of minutes with her, but shortly we would be able to hold her for the first time. The whole thing felt like a dream, everything happened so quickly.”

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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