Janet walked into her local market. She instantly felt relaxed at the friendly lighting and familiar music playing over the loud speaker. She hummed along to one of her old favorites.

Before long, Janet was operating on autopilot. She grabbed a cart, even though she was only planning on getting a couple of things. A large display blocked her path. Five for five dollars? I don’t need five mangoes, but what a deal! In the cart they go.

Next, her eyes fell on some sliced and wrapped watermelon. How convenient. Yes, they are more expensive, but I am feeling so relaxed after a hard day of work, I deserve it.

Finally, the frozen food section looms ahead. Janet sees the Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Funky Monkey. She says to herself, “I bought healthy apples, veggies and watermelon. I deserve a treat when I get home. This ice cream is only $5.99. If it were six dollars, I would definitely not spend that kind of money. Five dollars is not so bad….”

Do you see yourself in Janet? Have you ever made an emotional purchase? There are people whose sole job it is to get you to spend more money at the grocery store. They are marketing experts and product experts. They analyze your mind. They dissect your shopping patterns. They understand that all the little decisions you make in their store can add up to big dollars.

The first step to saving money, at your grocery store of choice is to be aware of the manipulation that is taking place. Once you understand what is happening, you can consciously change to offset the subtle marketing. The whole goal is to set aside extra money every month to save towards that all important adoption. Knowledge is a good thing.

Here are some tips to help you stay one step ahead of the marketing sharks:

  1. Beware of bright displays that jut out. They are designed to literally stop you in your tracks.
  2. Shop the store in a clockwise direction. Research shows you will spend less money.
  3. Look at the bottom of displays and on the top shelf. Cheaper items and sale items often go here. The more expensive stuff is right at eye level. Candy is at the checkout at your child’s eye level. Clever huh?
  4. Watch out for the buy in bulk specials. If it says “6 for $10” you do not have to buy all six to get the sale price. They just want you to think you do.
  5. $5.99 and $6.00 are virtually the same price. Your mind processes it differently. Make a conscious choice to avoid this trap.
  6. Carefully watch as your items are rung up. Over ten percent of people are overcharged or do not get the sale price of their items. Make sure that the “free” turkey with that hundred dollar purchase is actually deducted from your total. I’m just saying….
  7. Clip coupons, but always let the people behind you know what you are doing. They might choose to join a quicker line. Check out: www.coupons.com, www.thekrazycouponlady.com, www.albertsons.com, www.safeway.com/Holiday-Coupons, www.consumerqueen.com.
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