Hello friends. You might be wondering how I can come up with yet another way to save money in this crazy economy. There is no lack of penny pinching ideas from this determined saver. Why not try making your own surface disinfectant cleaner?

Simply mix 1.6 oz. (around 50 ml) of eucalyptus oil with a quart of water. Most health food stores carry the oil due to its’ multiple uses as an insect repellent, mouthwash and aromatherapy tool. Eucalyptus oil is potent and can irritate the eyes, so please be cautious when handling it in its’ undiluted form! Try using an opaque spray bottle to help the mixture stay out of direct sunlight.

You not only will save on multiple cleaning products, you will be helping out the environment by cutting down your consumption of plastic. The cost of a 50 ml bottle of oil is around three dollars. One of the green product cleaners on the market is going to set you back around five dollars. OK, so it is not going to save you a ton of money, but think about it this way; setting aside a few dollars here and a few dollars there can add up big over the course of a year!

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