Before you adopt, here are ten questions to consider:

  1. Have you resolved infertility issues and come to peace with building your family through adoption?
  2. Can you accept that adopting the child meant for you can happen quickly or take as long as several years?
  3. Do you have confidence in your adoption plan and will you project this to others around you?
  4. Can you afford the cost of adopting?
  5. Can you afford the cost of raising a child?
  6. Can you cope with filling out a ream of paperwork?
  7. Will your other children and your relatives love a child who is not biologically yours?
  8. Are you prepared, if you choose open adoption, to keep in touch with the birth mother of your child?
  9. Will you be honest and never secretive about how your child came to your family?
  10. Will you, for a lifetime, raise, love, nurture and support a child conceived in your heart, and not your body?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, your chances of success are much greater. Congratulations! If you are still struggling with a few questions, don’t give up; keep learning.

This information was excerpted from a book written by Lifetime Founder Mardie Caldwell, Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide. To learn more about how you can adopt a baby or child, please give Lifetime Adoption a call: (530) 432-7373 or visit www.LifetimeAdoption.com.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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