Congratulations to Mike and Julie on the finalization of their sweet daughter’s adoption! They write:

“We just finalized Michaela’s adoption! It was a beautiful day (in the 70’s) Mike’s parents flew in and all of my family but two were able to make it. We had a few close friends as well. We had 18 adults and four little girls including Michaela. It all went very smooth and of course we had a big party afterward. Here are a few pics of the BIG day as well as some from Easter too.

Our little girl is getting big and learning so much. She knows where her hair, nose, ears, fingers, belly button and toes are. She can say several words, a few animal sounds (doggy is her favorite); she is using a fork with precision and the spoon is about halfway there. She knows the hand motions to songs like “This Little Light of Mine”, “Patty Cake”, and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” And last night something finally clicked and she learned the sign language for “more” and “please”. Needless to say, this is one proud momma! It is as if she is learning something new every day now. She takes good naps and sleeps through the night. She has 12 teeth and seems to be working on all four of her canine teeth at once.

We are so blessed to have jobs that allow us to spend so much time with her. She is such a joy and the light of our lives. She absolutely gives the best hugs and kisses in the world. She is very outgoing; we call her our “social butterfly.” We go shopping or out to eat and she says “hi!” to anyone she sees. She will jabber and make hand motions and carry on a conversation with anyone.

Hope everyone there is doing well and thank you again for your role in finding our sweet birth parents and the biggest joy of our lives, Michaela Ann.”

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