If you’ve been praying about expanding your family or about how you could help a child in need, you may feel called to adopt a child. If so, you undoubtedly have questions about how to best move forward to ensure your adoption goes smoothly and successfully.


Successful adoptions are most likely when the adoptive families have faith in their desires, are intentional in their steps, and are focused on their goal. Once you have taken your leap of faith, the next step toward adoption is selecting the agency you will work with. Your goal will be to work with the agency that can best serve you and your needs in a timely way.

When viewing your adoption options and selecting an agency to work with, it’s important to think about the long term implications of your decision as well as the shorter term benefits.

For instance, you could adopt through a local agency—which usually also means adopting from a local birth parent—or a national agency with a wider geographic listing of birthparents.

Some agencies will allow you to state preferences for characteristics of the child and birthparents, but others don’t. Consider whether this is important to you.

Larger agencies may offer more opportunities to connect with available birthparents, but may not provide the individual focus you’d like.

Lifetime Adoption agency offers the best of all worlds. With a nationwide listing of birthparents, there is no shortage of potential matches to be made. And because adoptive families get to set preferences regarding race, age, drug exposure, and level of contact with the birthparent, there are fewer surprises: You will determine the level of contact and won’t have to worry about an impromptu visit at the grocery store.

Lifetime’s size and experience allow us to provide a wide array of resources, such as a number of articles and resources, as well as monthly educational webinars for waiting families, but we also offer the personal attention you deserve and expect when taking such a major life step.

Your adoption journey will be defined in large part by the agency you choose to work with. Choosing an agency that can provide you with an expansive and geographically diverse listing of birthparents, a variety of educational resources, and one-on-one attention will make all the difference in the world in the success of your adoption efforts. Thoroughly explore all your adoption options before making your choice, and be sure to prayerfully consider each avenue available. If Lifetime sounds like the right fit for you, you can begin the process of becoming a Lifetime family by filling out the free, online application.


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Written by Lifetime Adoption