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Adoption loans not only make adoption possible, but they also cut down on financial stress when you’re going through the adoption process. For many adoptive couples, adoption loans are a crucial part of their adoption funds. An adoption loan will allow you access to the funds you need right away.

Adoption loans provide affordable, low-cost financing options for you to start the home study process, meet payment deadlines, and access funds in case of an emergency or unexpected adoption expense.

Loans are a popular means to finance adoptions since they let you borrow a substantial amount of money for a fixed interest rate and term. This not only makes budgeting easier for you, but it also makes your loan repayments predictable.

Keep reading to learn how you can finance your adoption with a loan from LightStream!

LightStream offers adoption loans that can be used to finance any part of your adoption process. Adoptive couples have used LightStream’s to pay for a wide range of adoption costs, such as:

  • Adoption attorney fees
  • Home study fees
  • Payment to other adoption professionals
  • Flights, fuel, lodging, and other costs associated with adoption travel
  • Remodeling and decorating a room in the house to be their future baby’s nursery
  • Printing costs for their adoption profile

As you can see, a LightStream loan really does cover everything! Plus, once you accept the loan, the Lifetime Adoption Foundation will be compensated $60 from LightStream, at no added cost to you. The Foundation provides birth mothers with scholarships and assistance with basic necessities. So, you’re able to get the financial help you need to adopt, while also helping birth mothers!

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